Hyundai IX35 Review



rolando1493 says:

exelente video . la ix35 es un auto magnifico

Gallantt90 says:

The Shifttronic is junk ecoshift is better

valetdabess says:

nice… where is that road? i wanna go there and go for a drive

gardenass789 says:

before you step out of the car, look down and read the name on the scuff
plate iX35 upside down says SEX!

arfer says:

This and the kia Sportage blow away the competition in bang-for-buck.

gil zur says:

Hyundai and Kia are not a joke any more

quatlen says:

What an odd name “ix35” sort of like BMW.

DJFG85 says:

@AVIV222 I have no idea why I said my first comment lol. Yea those are
good, especially the Mazda 3, it sells well here in America too.

kati667 says:

симпотичная машинка!!!

XiiMiiWiin says:

Upside down spells “Sex!”

wonderwhix says:

iX35 spells SEX! backwards!!!

Lália Cardoso says:

love you subliminal messages, that does not mean anything.

acw02 says:

LOL. You’re right!

acw02 says:

In the United States, this is called the Hyundai Tucson.

SubliminalFear says:

well done car !

Haz Hartridge says:

@wonderwhix OMG YOU’RE RIGHT! wow, is that supposed to be a subliminal

0din27 says:

hyundai always made commodities… they simply lack passion in car

NiMNice says:

i have the panoramic sunroof, how come mine didnt come with roof rails ? i
need to look into this

אביב גנון says:

@DJFG85 if you talking about cars im with you and im israeli can you belive
that 1.6 engine its the most favorite engine in israel and the most selled
cars are tucson and mazda 3?

VadikGruz says:

@BRIGH58 ну ты критин)))

james lips says:

@quatlen kinda like the I30 Looking like the 1series

flatblackstrat says:

This lady has the most British Aussie accent I have ever heard.

john person says:

they rename it the old name was the hyundai tucson

Gallantt90 says:

They Still call it the Tucson in north America

Hrnjic Seid says:

Great car. Im going to buy one right now!! 🙂

Hrnjic Seid says:

Great can. Im going to buy one right now!! 🙂

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