Hyundai ix35 in snow

Hyundai ix35 in snow

How the 4X4 works at the new Hyundai IX-35! Facts: – 2.0 CRDI (High) 4WD 6AT – Nokian winter tires (brand new)



Medin Hasanić says:

I drive a ix35 4wd (the car have diff lock) and I never had problems like
this on the snow with this car, this is yust a bad driver nothing else, the
car is great.

pijankodupe says:

this is bullshit, driver is idiot with ESP off!

zcable serg says:

дебилы бля……..

Dusko Kukoleca says:

sommer tyres? 

maxomania123 says:

Oh didnt see 4wd ok :S but the driver still isndoin’ wrong ;D

ismail alp says:

because of there is no diff lock …

otrofin says:

da, dar se vede frumos din afara :):):)

Intrepid Voyager says:

All the videos about the i35 on snow or off road are showing the car stuck
or failing big time… after watching all of this im not buying it anymore
ill consider a Kia Sportage or a used VW Tiguan

Andy Anderson says:

Нафига ESP выключили то? Она бы болтающиеся колёса подтормозила и заехал бы

otrofin says:

@mmmihai00: de asta am si pus filmul. sigur, in comentariile celorlalti mi
s-a spus ca nu sunt in stare sa conduc, etc. problema insa ramane aceeasi:
masina echipata cu cauciucuri de iarna noi, tractiunea blocata nu a putut
sa urce acea panta. in filma nu pare prea abrupta, insa era…

djonino djoninoski says:

havent seen beginning, but ill give ya a piece of advice. next time you
have one of REAR wheels up in the air, gently use the handbreak and add
gas, it will give effect simmilar to diff lock 😉

bads oleuhcager says:

nice car… bad driver.

787Nikolay197 says:

кнопочку забыли нажать )

Vovan Island says:

korenian shit

poatenamchef says:

nu mai plecati iarna din bucuresti

otrofin says:

@dragomilo Hi, in the description of the video I wrote: Facts: – 2.0 CRDI
(High) 4WD 6AT – Nokian winter tires (brand new) So…blame it on the
driver, if it makes you fell better 🙂

occckid123 says:

anybody who says this is the 2wd version are morons!!! This is a front
wheel drive based vehicle and the rear wheels are obiously spinning! the
all wheel drivie system just cant distribute the power to the wheels with
grip good enough. the pavement is uneven…

قناهـ موشوش لشروحات says:

كبيرررر يكوري

vasile gligor says:

si eu am ix 35 dar nu face asa ceva ai gresit ceva sau masina e defecta
normal are blocaj pe diferential

mmmihai00 says:

@otrofin Si traction control’ul nu face nimic? Adica nu ar trebui sa
franeze roata care se invarte in gol ca sa traga cealalata?

Drago milo says:

Summer tires and 2WD…What do you want?

otrofin says:

@mmmihai00: tractiune blocata + ESP out. Daca te uiti insa la sec. 38 o sa
vezi cum roata din spate se invarte aiurea, in timp ce fata sta cuminte…

Drago milo says:

This is 2WD…Next time take Ix 35 4WD…..

wombat696969 says:

Seriously, a Hyundai? If you want to do any real 4WD – buy a real 4WD eg
Patrol or a Land Cruiser….

Дмитрий Рыбалка says:

как он туда заехал? жалко кореянку:(

jzy0104 says:

@otrofin its not the drivers fault..its pretty obvious that the car is not
capable…it keeps on spinning the wheel without the
be the other way around.

David Bacian Ponce says:

What is the resume? , Do or not to enter the mud and snow in this 4×4?

sashamic says:

this guy does not know how to drive

maxomania123 says:

Idiots xD esp off haha… Dudes you should have choosen the 4WD version ( 4
wheel drive ) if you do stuff lile this… An suv i the snow is without 4wd
really useless it wheigts too much.. :* and btw the driver doesnt look like
he knows what he does on snow press full” gas … Wheels turnturnturn but
dont grip 😉

ella140790 says:

@dragomilo wtf? 2wd? how’s the rear one spinning asshole???it’s 4wd …..a
pour 4 wd obviously

shakerals says:

@kingreka From all the comments this is the only one which correctly
explain exactly what happens! I was in a similar situation and only with
ESP on and 4WD lock disabled, I managed to go through. With ESP off and 4wd
lock enabled my car struggled like a bug, simply because didn’t have enough
power on the front wheels. So, blame it on the driver, blame the car but
you have to know first how these things really works. And kingreka
explained perfectly!

ildarabrekovich says:

Да, полно приводной автомобиль позорят

milek021 says:

It has 4WD ? WTF is wrong with this ix35 ? This shouldn’t be a problem at
all, even new winter tires mounted ?! O.o

SergeyS. Soloviev says:

@kingreka But if center diff is locked then 2 whell should rotate?

Pavle Postic says:

@otrofin yes. i blame the driver. and those inteligent people with that

E46snakebite says:

olteanule prost te facut mata

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