Hyundai ix35 : Car Review

Hyundai ix35 : Car Review The ix35 adds desirability to Hyundai’s well-established value for money proposition. But is it good enough to make an impact in the ultr…



bigtopbollocks says:

This damp hippy is full of shit. ix35 handles like a boat! And on dirt it
is fucken scary how badly it does not handle. He said horsepower which is
wrong, The diesal is rated to 135 Killowatts not horsepower. The postcodes
are the fucken least of your worries with the sat nav! You can not use it
for point to point work, the radio does not turn off whilst sat nav is on.
the bt drops out constantly drops out! the auto has a manaul mode that
changes automatically and auto mode that chages manually. and sticks in
gear when you fang it! the rear diff fails because of it fucking abismal
design and lack of oil for the soleniod. the car chops out the inside front
tyres at spec for no reason. fuel tank is 55 litre yet you can fill it to
60 huh??? handbrake is ineffective. dash rattles, roof lining rattles. the
esc is a cunt and will trip on the ripple strip throwing you into your
straps, with harsh braking and a loss of control of brake and throttle
scaring the fuck out of you. I like its other models traction cuts in and
deprive you of throttle for 3 or more secs which fuck dangerous on
crossovers. hyundai faaaark fucken shit heap! 

jj559168 says:


john person says:


youssef farouk says:

What do you think is the better Hyundai ix or kia sportage or toyota
corrolla? Thanks

tightywhities100 says:

im john person i forgot my password. my mom has the hyundai tucson 2011

tightywhities100 says:

and i change to my old last name


The ix35 replaced the Hyundai Tucson in the UK. I’m unsure as to whether
the Tucson name is still used in other markets.

acw02 says:

In the United States, the ix35 is marketed as the second generation Tucson.


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I live in San Juan PR and I have the Tucson limited 2013 in bronze and it
feels great. Glad i bought it. . . Thanx Hyundai and keep the good work.

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