Hyundai i40 Wagon Review

Hyundai i40 Wagon Review

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mark a says:

Turn the shitty “music” off, will ya?

Roman Flachs says:

Check the steering on your i40 before you buy, mine was pulling to the left
intermittently after 5 wheel alignments and 3 different dealerships its
99.9% fixed.

holcroft1969 says:

Oh man, I got one of these today, nice car & I can’t wait to try that self
parking thing…….Good value for money I think! Good review, saves
reading the book, thanks mate 🙂

nahum1986 says:

THX 4 the job! whats the name of the song plese?

nahum1986 says:

00:28 to 1:43

scaryguy1234 says:

Goede review ! Ikzelf rij nu sinds een week zelf in de i40 break en ik vind
hem geweldig !

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