Hyundai i40 video car review | Business Car Manager | Company car review

Hyundai i40 video car review | Business Car Manager | Company car review

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Mindaugas TI says:

When I watch car reviews I prefer to watch cars instead of middle aged man.

playeroflife says:

Great Review, TY, practical to my needs as a business driver. Are the seats
hard, firm, comfy.?

Loran Bijkerk says:

I ordered the Business Edition 1.7 cdti with 136bhp but they’re going to
chiptune it to 160 bhp, 18 inch rims, panorama roof. Just made a testdrive
and wow what an incredable car! Sorry for my bad english..

Steven Bird says:

Fantastic car. Been considering the IX35 as my everyday car, and caravan
towcar, but this has left me with a major quandary!!!

joanne61 says:

no mention of safety,euro encap star ratings. not enough info.

Steven Bird says:

Yep, I will test drive them both, but there are aspects of each that endear
one over the other. Have read some good reviews of the IX35 as a towcar,
but none as yet for the i40. I’m sure it would do a reasonable job.

runjocar says:

A really nice review! Thanks Ralph!

BusinessCarManager says:

@fj9fl61 Fair comment. Although at the time of the Hyundai i40 video test
we didn’t have that information. Now it’s here: Maximum five-star safety
rating by Euro NCAP. 92% in the ‘adult occupant’ category, maximum points
in the side barrier test. Head restraint and seat praised for whiplash
protection. 86% In the ‘child occupant’ category; 43% in the ‘pedestrian’
category; the front bumper scorED maximum points for protection offered to
pedestrians’ legs. I hope that helps.

Mark Lynskey says:

I drive an I30CW at the moment and Test drove one of these the other day ,
I want one so bad…I was counting them in my sleep jumping over fences
lol. smashing car.

BusinessCarManager says:

@steveb1972 Tricky decision…why don’t you go and test both at a Hyundai
dealer and then make up your mind?

BusinessCarManager says:

@paulmgn0037 Thanks for your comments – the seats were firm but
comfortable. They should be fine for long business journeys. As a matter of
interest there are some good option packs: one of my favourites is the
heated steering wheel, part of the £600 comfort pack – reckon it would be
brilliant in winter. Another interesting feature is the touch screen – you
can play videos back through it from your ipod/iphone. Pretty useful if you
have a presentation to run through before an important meeting

BusinessCarManager says:

@lorryyXD Sounds fun!

Hemant Giri says:

i dint like the revew coz he keep on talking but not showing car at all

joanne61 says:

@BusinessCarManager thank you. good to know.

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