Hyundai i40 saloon review – CarBuyer

Hyundai i40 saloon review – CarBuyer

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Robert Leather says:

Is anybody else playing the “Also” drinking game?

And can somebody call me an ambulance?

Viktors Pogosjans says:


boka loka says:

fap fap fap for girl&car.

Alexander Belov says:

really ? ford is more desirable than Hyundai ? why?… ford are crap in
reliability, I see many of them on the hard-shoulder waiting for RAC and AA
to turn-up, plus… Hyundai have a big depreciation but not as big as Ford,
you can pick up a mondeo for peanuts.

Doug N. says:

This car is not sold in N. America. But it seems to about the same size as
the Sonata. But looks nothing like a Sonata.

RobaczekBaczek says:

She is so pretty 🙂 i40 is pretty too :)

Mihai SAVU says:

I love this car

Emil Nykvist says:


Bill Speeroff says:

Try Genesis coupe 2.0T

ulikethis2 says:

with you I drive to the end of time, my dear 🙂

lostn65 says:

Most car makes use a common DNA in designing the looks of a car accross all
ranges. When one gets redesigned, the rest follow.

Nakke144 says:

If you have any sense they are. The Fiesta, Focus, C-Max&Grand C-Max,
B-Max, S-Max and Mondeo are rated as the best cars in their class by

John P says:

I agree, I live in Australia and Ford is way down the list when you talk
about badges. All the Japanese and German Brands and even the GM are miles
in front of Ford is all respects.

mohicanin says:

targałbym jak komornik szafe

JOKBO1 says:

Shut up…this is utube, nobody expects that, this are just comments.

sh7de says:

I think when she said “less desirable than a Ford or VW”, I don’t think she
meant they’re that desirable to begin with! Granted, Fords, VWs plus their
French rivals are staple daily drivers for the average Briton though.

cobhamlondon says:

why Croatian?

BigYellowC says:

Just funny how native english speakers can’t pronounce whats written. H and
Y together.

David Chiu says:

huyndai not as desireble as a ford?? nah…ill take huyndai::P

johndoe5743 says:

Hyundai should really change their logo. It looks cheap and asymmetrical.
Doesn’t go with their new line of cars. In fact, that is one of the reasons
I would never buy a Hyundai. Of course, a symmetrical H would look like a
Honda but come on people.. I am sure you can do better than that. Changing
a logo is not so terrible. Microsoft has done it and nothing changed. Do

Alex Liv says:

I my country, If you come to a dealership wanting to buy a car and the
salesman tell you you have to pay extra for AC, he gets kicked in the head.

ratiugevoli says:

Its looks may not be to everyone’s taste? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is the
best looking car of 2012

Stoyan Stoyanov says:

ford???????? The only country that mention and have ford as desirable and
stylish is UK . Design is up to personal taste and to me looks ok from
outside and very average inside with the poorest looking dashboard. Food
has some years to get where the Hyundai is right now. Wish there was a
hatchback version.

niceguy60 says:

According with carbuyer no car handles better than a ford Mondeo 3:21

dance366 says:

In Australia the Elantra is sold alongside the i30 as “Small” cars (with
i20 and Accent as “light” cars) and i40 Sedan (Saloon) and Tourer (Wagon)
are sold with the i45 Sedan (Saloon) as medium sized cars. The i45, Accent
and Elantra were designed primarily for American, Asian and general
markets, where as the i20, i30 and i40 were designed for European tastes. 🙂

lupertoagente001 says:

I thought the most luxurious Hyundai car in the market was the Equus not
the i40

niceguy60 says:

I agree with you Kia & Hyundai are good quality . I went to warrenty direct
a site which provides warrentys to cars I Was shocked to known the cars
that most people think are reliable are the worse ones . Mercedes , Land
Rover , Jeep , were considered the worse in reliability and would cost x3
to fix them . 6k kia picanto was in first place as the most reliable car in
The Uk

MingGuoLi says:

We have the Sonata…. but I think I’d much rather have this. It looks much
better, too. Looks like an oversized Accent though. Too bad, really. The
Touring is a beauty.

QCminifred says:

1:16 really!! and she says that this trunk is huge?? half the trunk space
is taken up by wheel-wells and the opening from the seats folding is
minuscule AND has a lip on the bottom. Couldn’t she notice that?

Pink Snake says:

The back of the car reminds me the Citroën C5. I am not safe sure whether
it is also confortbale and serene on the road. On the other hand it
possesses robust arguments. A complete equipment and one very good

sead garanovic says:

I don’t understand why In Britain, Ford is a desirable badge? In the U.S
they’re nothing special, Just like Honda & Toyota.

Aakash Chaudhary says:

good point!

denja9999 says:

amazing girl

Trent Fergus says:

They sell this in Australia, my friend has one and I might get one too

Prem Kumar says:

i like you

kanishq ruhil says:

Great car And I love the way she says “here here and here”

BaeZZiSoccer says:

Why Japan, UK, Aus driver’s seat is on the right? It is so common and it’s
only that Islanders got right side!

TerryFilming says:

It’s not crap… Please tell me why. And don’t use the “not good quality”,
cause it is a very, very good quality car.

Panchal B says:

is it called the elentra in india..looks almost same.

ck_ says:

lol. I knew it! Its a Civic the mad hatter!

juppongatana773 says:

I like the way she talks.

kndengraver says:

Absolutely love this car. Exterior and interior styling is great and it’s
loaded with so many bells and whistles for the money plus my Style Blue
Drive gives 56mpg – that’s over 700 miles each fill. Economy with Style I

shubhromu says:

I like the new Hyundai interiors.

jorge romani says:

i dont know if this is based on the Sonata or the Azera in the U.S. but the
front looks like an Elantra. i like the looks of the Sonata form the U.S.

sedag100 says:

Yuack, asian crap

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