Hyundai i40 Saloon review 2013

Hyundai i40 Saloon review 2013

The Hyundai i40 Saloon is the sister model to the i40 Tourer estate and is sold as a medium-sized family car. The i40 saloon up against established competiti…



Don Johnson says:

Get my brand new I40 in June. Superb looking car with a luxurious interior.
It drove very adequately during my test drive. It is nothing like the

Simon Kendall says:

I’ve owned my i40 premium for just over 12 months and I love it. It’s looks
are pretty unique, it’s a lovely comfortable ride and it’s got all the
equipment you could ask for. Plus it’s rare enough on the road to still get
some admiring glances. 

donmaga1 says:

Great review

bingoooo says:

Really lovely car this

Friscos Channel says:

Why is he whispering!

Constantin SAVU says:

I love this car


because he was being so serious, right?

Motortorque says:

That’d be good, I’m sure it would do pretty well across the pond

Rob McSorley says:

I would say Kris is up there with Matt and Rebecca… Cracking review

Vasile Manole says:

Crappy car.

Patrick Catana Gnudi says:

I’m a regular viewer, but here where I live we do not use miles or mph
gallon, and is kind of frustrating not understanding the references you
give in your videos… it would be a great upgrade referring those numbers
also in kilometers and liters. Keep up with the good work

AutoK1A says:

In America we get a similar version called the Sonata, I like this better,
we also get the i30 over here as the Elantra GT, wonder if they could spin
this into the Sonata GT?

xanderxenius says:

Great review awesome car for det money. Btw. I agree with Patrick Catana

supercooled says:

Is this the sonata OE elantra?

ㅡ 훈남 says:

Hyundai Korea forever

Andrew McKenna says:


supercooled says:

This car looks leagues better than the north america sonata and the
elantra. Not sure which class this falls between the aforementioned cars
but aesthetically very much superior to those two. The sonata just looks
like a whale face.

gx00000 says:


patrick jackson says:

they even have diesel models in other country’s i wish they brought a
diesel here

mightymagpies90 says:

Very good review for a very good car. I’d have given it a 4 out of 5. I
drive the Premium Petrol sedan and still get a buzz 9 moths later after
buying new. 5 year unlimited warranty a knockout.

IrrepressibleGuile says:

the music in the background is very annoying.

madant1977 says:

I stopped watching whey he said ‘buy this car for the cooled seats’.

Henrik Nielsen says:

Why? Have you tried it? Or is it just because you don’t think that it looks

sneaky lemony says:

the way people pronounce hyundai… facepalm They should consider changing
their name altogether

Peter Magrath says:

I’m picking up my i40 VF3 CRDi next week, very excited!!!

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