Hyundai i40 saloon expert car review

Hyundai i40 saloon expert car review

Senior road tester Ivan Aistrop puts the Hyundai i40 Saloon, the Korean firm’s Ford Mondeo rival, through its paces. With low running costs and generous equi…



DJ Ciaran Freestyle says:

I’ve yet to come across an i40 that averages over 60 MPG, Typically 52 – 55

Michael Thompson says:

where was this filmed thanks@

newLIFEthruCHRIST says:

The video quality and camera angles are excellent! I also appreciate the
work produced by your graphics dept. – the design is simple, clean, and
effective. My sincere compliments to your entire team!

Auto Trader says:

It was filmed at Farnborough Business Park.

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