Hyundai i40 roadtest

Hyundai i40 roadtest

De Hyundai i40 Crosswagon is gearriveerd op Europese bodem. AutoWeek probeert de nieuwe Koreaanse middenklasser uit in Noorwegen. Moet de gevestigde orde in deze klasse zich zorgen …



Diesel smoke says:

wat je mooi vind! haha lelijke tupperware koreaanse troep

nachtnite says:

Hidink’s beautiful land. love ya, I wanna travel there!

TerryFilming says:

@NicholasToras01 Ugh… That’s whats it’s called in the States… In the
European countries, it’s called the i40. Hyundai names their vehicles in
Europe by “i”, with an umber value.. And I’m American btw.

Matej Bukovec says:

I agree that hyndai is the best car, and totaly underestimated… I love it.

NicholasToras01 says:

-_- This is the Elantra Station-wagon

MotoMario1 says:

No, i30cw in europe is the elantra station-wagon in the usa. The i40 is the
sonata (higher class).

AmeliaVaras says:

I loveit this car it so nice and cool

Ana Paula S. Carlson says:

Here in Sweden people just care about german cars, boring ones, Every where
I read I see amazing reviews about Hyundai, we bought an i40, it will comes
4th september. I love also that people underestimate, but is an amazing

racers115 says:

I like that language

TerryFilming says:

@NicholasToras01 Also, it’s the Sonata Station Wagon btw.

Matej Bukovec says:

I agree german cars are boring, but not only boring, they also tend to
brake easely and every car part has a price 2-3 times more expencive than
hyundai’s. I know what I’m talking about, I have a newer german carand I’m
not satisfied at all. I would much rather have any hyndai

Diesel smoke says:

keep on dreaming

sorenslothe says:

I fucking hate Dutsch.


improve a lot …. looks good !!

neil borodkin says:

That model looks superb! Will it come to the states? I hope so.

FloodsOfSin says:

net testrit gedaan met de i40. geweldige auto

blkattk2 says:

wa da fut?

racers115 says:

I wish I knew how to speak dutch.

engineer maskin says:

we dont need stupid mercedes any more

Jimmy Handerson says:

Any news about i40 / i40 saloon in USA? Always USA is the slowest country
in new vehicles released. :((

AmeliaVaras says:

@racers115 me to what is it Turkish or German

Germike64 says:

De tester zit veel en veels te dicht op het stuur, de opmerking dat de pook
te ver naar achteren zou zitten, kan je dan ook rustig vergeten. De beste
man moet zelf een stuk naar achteren. Zo rijden is zelfs gevaarlijk. Verder
aardige review, en inderdaad laat de passat maar zitten, veel te saai.

Daniel Grønvold says:

Sadly i don’t understand anything of what he’s saying.

Diesel smoke says:

keep on dreaming

spartamississippi says:

I would love to see the i40 beinging sold in the USA..

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