Hyundai i40 reviewed by readers – What Car?

Hyundai i40 reviewed by readers – What Car?

For the full What Car? review on the Hyundai i40 visit What Car? readers take a look at the new family car from Hyundai, the i40 What Ca…



DongHyuk Kim says:

N.E.W 2007-2012 Hyundai cars are much more very a lot Better Than old
Hyundai Motors. Go for the WOlrd and Space(?)

EpicPieOfAllTime2121 says:

All I would need is the wonderfully stylish head lights for me to think
it’s a Hyundai..

reevsaj says:

@Johndoe9278 The Equus is a large car, you were comparing to the 5 Series
and E class. The mistake is yours. Specs can’t tell you anything about
luxury or quality, and those are the characteristics that best define
whether a car is “cheap” or not.

marencozdungt says:

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MrMagnificentMedia says:

I would have thought it was a Mazda

Slimecrazy234 says:

@reevsaj Seriously, did he not notice there were no kidney grills?

8150shaf says:

I don’t really like Hyundai’s and when I saw one of the million ads about
this car, I thought that it looked over-designed and therefore it would
look cheap and like they are trying too much. Then it went past me on the
motorway, and I saw the elegant line across the body and the attention
grabbing LED’s at the front. I can’t say much but this car looks good. Not
sure about quality or performance. However not planning to buy it, prefer
Mercedes 🙂

floflorian says:

It’s pretty clear that these “readers” of WhatCar magazine don’t actually
read it too much. The guy who was convinced it was a Ford had not idea what
he was talking about, and tried to look knowledgeable. The first 2 guys
guessed it was a Hyundai, although either Hyundai, Kia, Honda or Suzuki
would have been very good guesses. I guess they try to get “average”
people, but average people don’t read WhatCar magazine…

sourov hossain says:

this car is really good i ve seen few of them

Eugen Afanasjev says:

Really nice idea! Such a “blind” test will give a very unbiased opinions on
the car. You should do it more often.

nkristian says:


flybli says:

i was sure this was a range rover

Mark Atkinson says:

@reevsaj yeah i agree, looks far to good to be a bmw

Zimmers Apprentices says:

ive been in one of these cars the ride quality is fantastic and very

Nido Carlos says:

@reevsaj hahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Guenthaeae says:


EpicPieOfAllTime2121 says:

The Hyundai doesn’t compete with the volvo and Audi there german brands.
But it surely does excel above the Ford mondeo estate and the volkswagen

carstenszphoebes says:

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jjmaxx16 says:

santa claus give me a car pls!…. like that one:)

YankeemanLT says:

not exactly a review without actually driving it on the roads, is it?

minibus1351 says:

Hyundai wins!

skim2399 says:

nice honest review from consumers

reevsaj says:

@Johndoe9278 The reason I thought that was funny, was because it looks
absolutely nothing like a BMW. The Equus is a decent car, but it doesn’t
compete with the 5 Series or the E Class. The new 5 Series does not look
cheap compared to an Equus, it looks like a very German, sporty, mid size
luxury sedan. People who know anything about cars won’t be cross shopping
the two. The Equus can’t hold a candle to any BMW in terms of driving

MrCheesybits says:

How can you even think is a Ford if you’ve owned one?

it said i hade to come up with a username says:

is it just me or does it look slightly like a GT-R

soyelpalm says:

well it really does look like an epic Ford rip-off

arteddie says:

the Hankook tyres would have given me a clue as they are official Hyundai

boy638 says:

the design is so extreme (in a nice way) that those rims seemed

motorguzzi100 says:

hi there just had a i40 estate for one thousand miles it was hard going a
seat exeo st estate at the same rpm does 30mph more speed in the same gear
this car is really outclassed by audi a4 seat exexst and vovo v40 estates

Pattttt0406 says:

Please forgive me if anyone is offended about what I’m going to say, but I
think this is the best looking estate car I have ever seen???

8150shaf says:

@ZimmersApprentices Is it? I don’t want a new car now as I just bought one,
but I think this is good.

motorguzzi100 says:

i also had one for 1000miles my seat exeo estae st does 30mph more speed in
the same gear 6th at the same rpm hyundai are really plastic dash cars with
wind noise at speed around door areas and noise in the rear and performance
is abysmal

Zeljko Krstovic says:

It’s not about Hyndayi looking like BMW, its opposite 🙁 Missing old BMW

reevsaj says:

The guy who thought it was a BMW… what the hell is he smoking?

kristanlbrintont says:

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sourov hossain says:

excellent car

Jimmy Handerson says:

Hyundai i40 / i40 saloon is best car at this moment!!

Conrado Colcol says:

hyundai i40

rs2p00nz says:

…..sonata estate?

arteddie says:

@SEThatered The only trouble with this is Hyundai have released cars with
the same design features such as front lights

loyalqueen says:

@Johndoe9278 uve obviously never owned or riden in a bmw series 5. hyundai
has nothing on bmw. yes i would prefer to buy a hyundai cause its
affordable for me, but bmw is ten times better in ride, quality than
hyundai. no one can deny this.

kellyenkissg says:

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