Hyundai i40 Diesel 2013 – Review

Hyundai i40 Diesel 2013 – Review

Hyundai i40 Elite Diesel Sedan 2012 /2013 Australia. The Hyundai i40 1.7-liter diesel sedan is the third midsize car introduced in Australia. For more inform…



posro1988 says:

fuel MILLAGE expressed in L/100KM.. I love it

Kent Lo says:

1:51 That does not belong to an i40.

moaid fairq says:

هههههههه لابسه زنوبه

Franco Stratos says:

Y a possibilité de tester la fille sur la banquette arrière ?

DHAMI zam says:

هههههههههه يا خي شعب يحب التدقيق

crimson005 says:

Your videos would be better if they objectively compared strengths and
weaknesses. Your videos are more like advertisements.

Gaz Murphin says:

your so damn beautiful oh my little heart cant ……. 🙁

Richi Blue says:


Disharmony says:

1:52 is that the velosters dash?

stickerhappy85 says:

nice body

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