Hyundai i40 Car Advice Review – Technology

Hyundai i40 Car Advice Review – Technology

Watch Hyundai i40 Car Advice Review. Explore the most cutting edge technologies that are included in the i40 to enhance your driving experience.With 5 star A…



Rick Wadley says:

A car for Australia I think not.
Try it on our gravel roads.
It fills up with dust and rattles like a chime.
More Asian junk thanks to Paul Keeting.

Assad Ali says:

self parking on a car that size won’t be that useful. Anyone seen self
parking in action on the new Holden Caprice? A sight to see. Such a big car
fitting itself in a space only slightly bigger than it.

MrBlewvane says:

I’m sure they’re great to drive in the city, but when you hit the hills
you’ll want something with more torque.

truespyfan says:

Isnt parking part of a license test??

If you cant park, you shouldn’t have a license.

lmsilvestro says:

I currently own an i40 and it is the best that I have driven (diesel).
Smooth quiet and the fuel economy can not be beeton. Don’t listen to all
the dribble on here, drive one yourself.

Steve Steko says:

enssytem so u have a i45 manual??

GrandmasSaggyAssTits says:

What a misleading link “This car is perfectly tuned for Australian
conditions”. Are Hyundais made in Australia? I thought not. The Falcon has
had 50 years of engineering specifically for Australia. Stop lying.

crackabundy rum says:

I know a person that work for a major hire car company; they have cancelled
their order with Hyundai as there is a big problem with the drive shaft.
looks are not every thing it has to work.

Jon Albiez says:

Rural Australia failed to kill our Accent. It saw flood, fire and searing
heat. Ran flawlessly. The only thing that did eventually kill it was a
mechanic (non-Hyundai reefing the new timing belt on with a set of pliers
instead of loosening the tensioner pulley). Missus has a new Elantra as a
result. The only issue it had Toowoomba Hyundai were more than happy to fix
under warranty.

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