Hyundai i30 Review

Hyundai i30 Review

Video review of the 2012 Hyundai i30, released in Australia June 2012, by leading Australian motoring journalist John Cadogan. Learn the i30’s strengths and …



Bertus Nel says:

I can see why this channel only has 184 subscribers… go watch Carbuyer
it’s much better.

bibek karky says:

RoadTestReviews please help which car is better hyundai i30,suburu
impreza,mazda 3,toyota corolla,VW golf,honda civic and any other hatchback
(In terms of less fuel consumption and comfort to travel long
distance..)planning to get one but really confused…

RoadTestReviews says:

I agree with you – the latest Hyundais and Kias are very well built

Thanatos Anima says:

Mazda looks freaking ugly with a huge smiley face on it. Hyundai looks much
more sleek. This guy is totally biased for Mazda. I know because I wanna
sell my mazada to get this. In this review they’re just showing videos of
the promotional video launch in australia. PS. please tie your neck tie a
little better (no offense, i think you guys did a good job looking pro, so

SanchezStyle7 says:

Mazda 3 has poor interior build quality. I don’t know why this guy said
it’s better.

dharokio says:

They’re not aiming for beating japanese. They’ve surpassed them already.
They’re aiming for the European market

Paulie D says:

Being an owner of 2 Hyundais I can say their build quality is very good,
better than a Mk 6 Golf that I used to have.

Paulie D says:

That review was very biased, I have a feeling this bloke is being paid to
bad mouth hyundai

JoshDownUnder says:

I’m looking into getting my first brand new car. I am tossing up between
Mazda 3, Holden Cruze sri-v or this. What would you suggest?

RoadTestReviews says:

Hi. Thanks for watching my video. Where was I wrong exactly? I don’t think
I badmouthed Hyundai once. In fact, I thought I said some pretty nice
things about the i30. I’m not even slightly biased – my reviews are about
giving buyers accurate advice about the cars, and also pointing them in the
direction of good competitors so that everyone can make the right choice.
Buying the right new car is hard to get right. Sorry you thought I was

David Ferrari says:

The 2014 Hyundai i30 is the best designed and most reliable small sedan of
2014. Powered by new cutting-edge Hyundai auto technology, this is Korean
manufacturing specialty at its best. Hyundai technology is 100% Korean
technology so you can expect the newest and most advanced auto technology
because Korean technology companies are the most advanced in the world
(look at Samsung… the world’s biggest technology company by revenue)

Xpico12boX says:

hyundai sucks

b00nish says:

Interesting that they say that Hyundai has not yet caught up with the
Japanese. In european reviews they use to say that Hyundai is already ahead
of the Japanese but has not yet caught up with some German manufacturers…

RoadTestReviews says:

Hyundai hasn’t quite caught up with the Japanese yet on build quality – but
they are getting very close. The Germans are the best innovators in the
automotive market, but Hyundai’s build quality is superior to, say,
Volkswagen’s. Thanks for watching the video!

RoadTestReviews says:

Thanks for watching – the Mazda3 is a better car overall, but the i30 is

InsanityIsNormality says:

If you haven’t bought already, wait for the 2014 Mazda 3, it looks amazing.

Neo Giovanni says:

best balanced review – thankyou

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