Hyundai i30 Hatchback review

Hyundai i30 Hatchback review

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SveN P says:

people its hyundai!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan C says:

great car.

Franco Fonseca says:

this car is really great for the price! really really good hyudai ppl!!

rebelliouscossack says:

@HMT123456 It can’t be better, because it is different, Getz is replaced by
i20, not i30

WhiteIceMan3 says:

10 yr warranty in the USA

Ethan Barker says:

@theshorthulk 10 sec….

Serge Rola says:

awesome!!!! ^^

theshorthulk says:

in how many sec does it go from 0 to 100?…thx

Aljaž Klavs says:

about 9

SveN P says:

@shebotnov go drive your hyundai

rebelliouscossack says:

@archonus1 WRONG 🙂 Accent is Accent, and i30 is Elantra-based hatch,
Accent – B-class, i30 – C-class

vladissimo18 says:

i choose hyundai it’s a great car!!!

HMT123456 says:

i30 is much better than getz. There are many reasons and you should look
them up on forums but buying an i30 is something you will not regret.

lupertoagente001 says:

hey i dont know which one should i get, i30 or hyundai getz. whichone? and

19DaRiO95 says:

i work on hyundai and i have to say the i30 is the better way… the old
hyundai getz are really cheap and not very comfortable… hyundai is
getting better and better now, you should get the new i30 and you will be
happy trust me:)

GraveD1gger says:

learning to drive in this car, its fucking mint 😀

archonus1 says:

@rebelliouscossack TRUE! the accent is replased by i30 until sept 2011.
’cause the ACCENT VERNA is comming!

ylemdoc says:


FilipTrajkovski1 says:

@HMT123456 you should try it ix20

theredrooter says:

great for economy, fonfort, features and warranty. Not great for extreme
performance, but again, nobody has claimed that.

ivolino123 says:

the best car in the hatchback class !!!! no other can can compere with the
warranty the economy and driving .Simply said the best

David Redford says:

I have a hyundai getz. It really depends what kind of distances you drive,
if you only drive door to door then the getz is great because its very fuel
economic and quite nippy. i30 will probably be better if you drive longer
distances and want a more comfy ride.

Neeraj says:

i30 by the looks of it definitely dis one! n plus the previous versions
namely the i10 and i20 hv done very well in d market so do consider the i30

BingoWingz01 says:

The 1.6 td. What I like :Very sharp throttle response and braking. The USB
input. Good quality and well designed interior.Fuel computer.Room in the
rear.Refined diesel engine. What I don’t like: Styling of front end.The
aircon doesn’t clear the screen very quickly. When you lower the side
windows it does not clear off any water or dew.

azy42 says:

hyundai sux dick

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