Hyundai i30 hatchback 2013 review – CarBuyer

Hyundai i30 hatchback 2013 review – CarBuyer

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erkanerdin says:

Could you please review Santa Fe as well?

Kush Gupta says:

He totally loves his job, and we like seeing that. good review

TVinmyEye says:

was considering a FRS but ended up with a genesis coupe 2.0t with the
claimed 274hp/275 torque (probably only 235hp/260tq) was impressive.
anyway,love the way the frs looks and it also handles in ways the genesis
only wishes. but with only 200hp and 150 torque it was an easy pass. had it
had at the very least 195 pounds of torque and another 20 horses than itll
would have been a no brainier for me. 

Simon Kwak says:

Give a shit on Hyundai, many of koreans really hate them so much. because
they always discriminate home consumers of south korea. Never recall, Never
refund, Never good service, but much more expensive than any other

Year by year, they got lost their shares in the market of south korea.
Hope Go fuck Hyundai forever and ever

messin1000 says:

The rear lights at the back are quite dull when compared to the front
unlike other Hyundai’s. Other than that the car looks great

Frank Shang says:


KPKaccountt says:

I love my 2013 IX35 (Called Tucson here). the quality is surprisingly
amazing for a such a price and it doesn’t feel cheap at all.

franksoul says:

Buy European.

justcallmegod2 says:

Just drove around 600 miles in one as a hire car. Really surprised at the
interior quality and all the stuff that comes as standard! Electrically
operated sideview mirrors, aircon, usb, bluetooth.. And the roomy interior
and boot is awesome too! Only problems: view through rear window is
virtually non-existant, and i drove an automatic coupled to a petrol
engine, really dull and a bit underperforming powertrain.. 

Jamie Cutter says:

1:58 Huge feet lolo

Matthew G says:

I’m here in the U.S. and drive the 2013 Hyundai Elantra ( the I30 in the
UK). You get a lot of amenities standard for you money, that are not
offered in other models, or require upgrading to the next tier which ends
up costing you more money. I’ve had my Elantra over a year with no
problems. I average 31 mpg per tank of gas (combined city/highway driving –
though mostly city driving). I have achieved over 40 mpg on highway road
trips, by keeping my speed consistent, using cruise control and not driving
the car like I had just stole it. I didn’t buy it with the mindset that its
a sport car, and therefore don’t expect to handle as such. I bought it for
its improved reliability, long warranty (5 year/60k miles versus the usual
3 year/ 36k miles warranty coverage given to most cars here in the U.S.),
the gas mileage, the look of the car (inside and out), the amenities, the
safety features and finally the price (under $20k). The Hyundai is
definitely worth a second look at, if you are looking to make a car

Justin Max says:

will i30 launch in india ??

simplefact4u says:

Please review Kia Cerato hatch 2013-14 model :)

Lifestyle RV says:

Good review. Hyundai has really upped their game.

kareem louis says:

he is always so breathless lol

Neil Taylor says:

What a tit he is

u Anthonisamy uthiriyam says:

what is the market & on road cost at trichy.


Just got one 2014 model love it 

Track2u says:

I have had a couple of Hyundai’s both have been reliable, the Mitsubishi
powered coupe was very nice
But I would never buy new,the initial loss means you can get one if you
hunt around with low mileage a or so year old for 2-3 grand less which
would still leave you with plenty of manufactures warrantee years.

eternalhalloween1 says:

It looked like a nice car. But my biggest concern would be where Matt
pointed out that rear visibility is not so great.

There’s no getting around the fact that that’s dangerous.

parana 70 says:

mat i love you

Hyundai Worldwide says:

Want to learn more about the UK Car Of The Year winner, the i30? Click to
tell us what’s the most premium feature of it!(

funnypits says:

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likes, yet YOU said you had the top comment. You must have a sad life to be
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acuras4ever says:

search the chevy cruze. they already reviewed the car.

Mew tachi says:

if you see how hyundai cars made for korean market you will be surprised,
they get crushed like cooking foil

Hady Rashwan says:

sry not better than Mk 7

mmc753 says:

It was joke. :/

Gabriel De Santis says:

Pause at 0:14 ahuahuaha

robbergirl1 says:

seems like its right between elantra and accent. or is just a better
version of the accent.

Bharat Shah says:

it look like a most beautiful Model we are eagerly waiting for this new car
so kindly let us when will you going to launch in India ?

Daniyar Suleimenov says:

I’d buy Kia Cee’d tho. Better looking, cheaper and 7 years warranty. yeah
that’s 2 years more than hyundai

Fran23NY says:

I’ve just purchased it. I’ll get it in two weeks and I am so excited about
it: everybody gives outstanding reviews.

tricksterdhargon says:


Mamoun Mohamed says:

I think Hyundai copy Kia’s cars personality but this car is diffrent and
it’s the best hatchback in all catogeries

Rohit Thakur says:

what a car..i definitely want to have this kind of an amazing and
comfortable car…good exterior

Doug N. says:

Mat Watson, Mind if I ask how tall you are?

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