Hyundai i30 Engine and Interior



Moses Ncube says:

is not stupid get to know the car first

George . sv1jbf says:

This Guy is stupid.He change gears every 2 sec.Ok we know that you have
auto transmission but you are full.

ali ogoi says:

why shift every 5 secs??????

nkristian says:

Hey. HQ of that cars is in Germany – Russelsheim. The cars are produced in
Czech Republic. So? Do you have any other question?

Chris Johns says:

We get them here in Australia on the Premium – pick mine up in four days 🙂

sahotaquack1 says:


yusuf topaloglu says:

nice car

Absoluteshield says:

engin room water …….

PaulEssexUk says:

yer the HQ might be in Germany but the ‘brand’ is still Korean And that is
why this car will be worth less than half of what you paid for it in the
first year Stick a 7 year warranty on that

MoulSwaret says:

Driver is OBSESSED with GearBox !

nkristian says:

designers are from VW, Audi and BMW 😀

Chris Johns says:

Got 2 🙂

davedicko says:

Thankyou very much for letting me know,it would be satisfy my curiosity how
you get on with it,I am over the moon with mine ( even if it doesn’t have
the electric seat adjusters) I can’t really see what the manufacturing
issue difference would be…….Dave.

Tracey English says:

Did you get one or 2 proximity remotes johns?

TheMrSock1 says:

alot of cars are like that now days though, my sister had a 2009 holden
barina that did that, my step mother has a 2010 kia cerato that does it, my
partnet and i have a 2012 liberty that does it even worse. i think for them
to keep looking modern and not like its a 30 year old datsun 180b. but i do
completely agree with you.

davedicko says:

Why is the driver “changing gear” in an automatic?can someone please advise
a middle aged manual driver who doesn’t know the

Tomas Targonskas says:


davedicko says:

Thankyou for the clarification I will have to get one when I renew my
Motability,thanks again.

Rami Cohen says:

very nice car but will someone tell those supid designers that the air
conditioner outlets are nothing but freezing the hands of the driver , and
if you turn them away … you feel the heat

pfcDaconi says:

Bruka dobar auto (y)

gta6420 says:

THE BEST CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE ME SO MUCH

ali ogoi says:

Its a semi auto. In ports mode can manually shift – without clutch.

ranjithreddy19875 says:

sexey awesome ;-))

davedicko says:

Apparently the electric seat adjusters are on european models not UK

PaulEssexUk says:

yer course they are they all get on a plane from Munich to Korea after work
and moonlight

SkullzBR says:

Im Brazil also with the old engine!

George . sv1jbf says:

Also he return to Manual and Drive mode ….etc.Oh my God..

davedicko says:

Thanks for your email John,I am over the moon with mine as well ,my two
gripes are that the isg keeps saying it’s deactivated and the auto
windscreen wipers have not worked since the salesman showed me in the
showroom,but it still has better spec and just as good a drive as my
previous car which was a BMW 320d.Mine is also a Diesel…………..Dave.

Chris Johns says:

g’day Dave – I’ve had my i30 Premium for a week or so now and I’m over the
moon with it! The only gripe I have is that it’s got a bit too much engine
noise in the cabin. Maybe Hyundai did that to remind me that it’s a

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