Hyundai i30 Car Review – What Car?

Hyundai i30 Car Review – What Car?

Read the What Car? Hyundai i30 review The Hyundai i30 doesn’t cost much, but it has lots of luxury and safety kit, generous passenger sp…



MGsergiu says:

Excelent math and logic! In what world can you undertake 3 tests, score 4
out of 5 on each of them and then, get a 3 out of 5 general mark?! That’s
just bad faith or incompetence, if you ask me!

alienwareguy says:

That’s bullshit, it’s an awesome car!

takeuchi40 says:

I’m, collecting my i30 1.6 Diesel comfort this coming Thursday. I am sure
and hope I got the right car. Great to drive, looks good, good equip, great
pricing and fab econ. Hope service experience is good from here.

Da Urbanator says:

this lady sounds like my english teacher 0.o

vicbauss says:

@imagewise you obviously don’t know how to drive properly if this is true.

дима мовчан says:

что вы говорите?

winchPK says:

4 stars all over but then end result is only 3..?

Eskimopride07 says:

hes cute

omegaplib says:

giving 4 stars in all and 3 at the end makes no sense, by the way crappy

Mazen Hesham says:

Hyundai logo -1 XD

g3791 says:

@shebotnov would you like to come have a look & drive of our i30 so you can
see 1st hand wat a heap of a car they are ? not spamming at all , ts called
getting the truth out there about this car .. ask to your self why is there
so many very low second hand i30’s in used car lots ? here in victoria
australia there full of the heaps , if u want a city car that travels a
whole 20kms a week buy 1 cos they crack up when driven 500 km’s a week ,
cheap & nasty

Marco Marques says:

You cant compare it with a Golf, but i think this car has alot of value for
its price range…

wtrdogg20 says:

I think I am not gonna waste my time watching this video…so many people
saying the review is crap, plus the fact the first i30 was 4 stars rated in
Euro NCAP, now it is 5 stars….I think the reviewer is just an idiot payed
to said that the car is not that good…..sorry, but the i30 is a very good

thriftscarrolj says:

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Auto FriendLead says:

The car is good for small families. It is spacious and comfortable. The
five year warranty is just amazing.

ramusling says:

Very funny averaging in the end.. Four times four stars equals the average
of three stars? That is really some strange evaluation.

Adzzz1995 says:

I hate WHATCAR reviews….always focus on everything negative… going
back to carbuyers channel

g3791 says:

2 years of constant complaints about this heap of S*&T i own & cannot get
out of the contract for another year & counting , 3 sets of rear tyres in
63 000 kms , glove box drops , windscrean leeks , petrol flap adjusted
every service due to it not opening when leaverd pulled , passenger door
handel constantly fails & has to be opened by the internal door handel ,
slow with a massive lag of power when trying to overtake ! its a 2009 model
garraged & driven by my wife … I / WE HATE IT

shafro1 says:

1st! crap review by the way

marshallmtrianos says:

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