Hyundai i20 video review by dwsAuto: i20 road test video

Hyundai i20 video review by dwsAuto: i20 road test video

The i20 has been the number 2 best-seller in this segment for a long time. And even though, the i20 sales actually dropped in July, compared to the previous …



politirel3 says:

Indian roads are terrible.

Ferenc Vad says:

ps, y do u take it personal? r u an indian:)?

Ferenc Vad says:

the right of freedom, freedom of the speech lol……o and what right u
have to say bastard to me?? haha u just use the same right like i do….ooo
and why dont u admit that indians r all babytalking….don’t u hear it? u
know like someone who lost all its teeth

robins1818 says:

Nice car and bad english accent..

Ferenc Vad says:

still have the same opinion about the indians….in addition they smell
mostly….(at least 80 percent of them smells funny)….I don’t care if you
like it or not but that’s my opinion

Vipul Jain says:

gr8 review…. and good accent. It is always wise to keep the accent
natural and not copy someother. Your words were clear to understand and
that is what all matters. Two guys below talking crap about the accent need
not despise themselves that much.

Handy Manny says:

Good review..Apoo. Now go back to your store.

jorgechoro says:


Ferenc Vad says:

indian accent sounds gay, like some one fucked his ass….or like he
doesn’t has all of his teeth….

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