Hyundai i20 Road Test Video

Hyundai i20 Road Test Video The premium hatchback design Hyundai i20, has been re-modified and now would be presented with a faceli…



Wasim Wani says:

Take strepsils bro..ur throat sounds like a diesel engine of swift..

Subhadeep Brahma says:


Krishna Gupta says:

audio quality is yuck 🙁

akshay pawar says:

chuthya audio quality,and chuthya host

Arul Arasu says:

Planning to get i20 crdi spotz. is it ok or polo or swift or nissan or
figo? Budget 8L?

Vishal Dheep says:

Colour of the Car ???

CarDekho says:

If your budget is Rs. 8 lakh, better to go with Swift ZDi. it offers more
mileage and better performance, however it lacks in interior feel but
better in features. So, if interiors are not a big deal for you then go for
Swift. You can also go for Polo, but it costs more and you can’t get
top-end trim in this budget.

CarDekho says:

Thanks for appreciating our video quality and there are many more exciting
and interesting videos check them out.

Sumi Xavier says:

i dont think u understand sarcasm

sanith kumar says:

nice audio quality. Thanks!!

Chris Koshy says:

My opinion is that better you go for i20 diesel itself ,, its much more
stable and classy than its competitors,its value for money and powerful
,ofcourse,, i have booked mine ,,and i luv it and its aweome…

iAmFckiNSerioUS says:


0008deep says:

he was joking about audio it is very poor man

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