Hyundai i20 Review

Hyundai i20 Review

The all-new Hyundai i20 is designed to bring convenience, comfort, safety and efficiency to life in a modern vibrant package. Whether it’s negotiating the ur…



Hyundai Coşkun Oto says:

Hyundai i20 incelemesi.

Eelco van Vliet says:

We did an extensive testdrive and did not like it. The steering is vague,
especially in the centre position and the electric power steering is vague
and has no feedback at all. The dash is cheap with hard plastics and the
engines are old 4 cylinders with below average fuel consumption and high
The space is rather good as well as the spec list and the ride is
comfortable and quiet. If only it would steer a bit better….

adrian17cy says:

the intro sound is almost like in: Alborosie – Kingston town 🙂

boss26701 says:

diesel engine is 1.4litre engine

Ricapella says:

@GrahamCrackers94 About 60mpg… diesel

Abhishek shindhe says:

My dad bought this car(top end) 1.2l petrol and I drove it and i feel its
the most luxurious and sporty looking car and the engine is pretty good and
its good to sit back and enjoy the ride rather than driving it bcoz u feel
super comfy in the back and the ride quality is awesome!!!

kamamohan says:

i20 car is super perfect no noise,super engine,no shaking,etc….

Cricky McKenna says:

Getting this on Wednesday 😀 Cant wait!!!

AR 1 says:

@Anandrokzzzzz1910199 and oh its the asta version

Jibran Zakir says:

hyundai i20 is a cracking car

vladissimo18 says:

perfect car

xXxTupac4everxXx says:

i got the premium 1 it is awsome for a first car

Abhishek shindhe says:

@Anandrokzzzzz1910199 white color..

ian arnold says:

Great runaround for city driving

TheMsiaddict says:

it’s accent isn’t it?

Leo Harsha says:

milege is less!!

mikldude says:

no cruise control???

Vishwa Mahanta says:

which country this model is launched in?

giesimerlenev says:

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AR 1 says:

@abhishekabhi1000 dude wich color??i have same 1.2 petrol,full
option,without sunroof,blue color

manuel1212100 says:

my mother have this car

NoneOfMeHaveDID says:

One of the longest adverts I have ever watched. The car is very good, but
not perfect. The new one is even better with the 1.1 diesel engine.

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