Hyundai i20 review – Carbuyer (Re-uploaded)

Hyundai i20 review – Carbuyer (Re-uploaded)

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Carbuyer says:

“The Hyundai i20 is a decent choice if you’re after a solidly built, well
equipped and good-value hatchback.” Ginny delivers her verdict on the
Hyundai’s new Fiesta rival.

kossak007 says:

While the rear of the car is acceptable, the front design is really
uninspiring, just as on other Hyundai models.
Personally, I find Kia’s designs to be better than Hyundai’s. ( both
interior and exterior)

ahmed mido says:

Isn’t Peter Schreyer the designer of Kia Motors? How come you’re saying
he’s designing Hyundai cars ???

Oliver Newell says:

Good review as always, but I struggle to like Hyundais. No original design.
Complete rip off of an Audi front grill there, and what is going on with
the blacked out C pillar? I wouldn’t buy a Kia or Hyundai considering there
are rivals which are just as inexpensive which drive better. Also, their 5
and 7 year warranty’s are not all what they are cracked up to be.

Javier Nunez says:

This girl does a pretty good job. I cant understand why the rude comments.

Andreas Lie says:

Excellent review, Ginny!

Kevin McFadden says:

that interior is so 10 years ago.

Buk Lau says:

Woah, Hyundai are loaded with tech!!

richandiben says:

Kia Rio is a nicer looking car and has the longer warranty. 

hawkesworth1712 says:

Good review as usual and I agree about the interior. I’ve never been in a
Hyundai that didn’t have something broken or about to fall off in the

stunninglad1 says:

Good car there.

Domagoj Kovačić says:

how tall are you?

TheNOGarcia says:

Ginny, you are horrib…. Just kidding, I won’t be that guy.. You’re good,
Ginny. :)

MegaVector2011 says:

Drive it then drive the Fiesta, then buy the Fiesta.

Nicolas Bozzo says:

Is it the same that the hyundai accent sold in america?

Gabriel Carvalho says:

Im from Brazil, in my country Hyundai released HB20. Its an expensive car
without anything special, this one is should come to Brazil instead the
stupid HB20!

Alexander Torres says:

Don’t agree about the lack of touchscreen. Touchscreens are dangerous

Neo Racer says:

She is very desirable..

Rodolfo Navarrete says:

Here in Mexico we generally get less features and models. I’d like to know
why because that’s something I don’t like at all. We get two airbags
instead of six for a car except the top version, for instance. Not to
mention Hyundai is just arriving to the country’s market and only has like
3 models.

Name says:

boring car is boring

Lavy 93 says:

It’s an instant hit in my country

NicolauHorvath says:

Brazilian girls are the best

Aiyub Karodiya says:

I have this car

Tom Lee says:

I don’t think this i20 could ever be described as desirable, no matter how
many Audi designers they threw at it!

Mew tachi says:

haihyundai? lol

r1dhw4n's Uploads says:


Mark Robins says:


hhbdkhan says:

3,5 Stars?? Are u serious?? look at the price and how much u get for it

SnazzyMacGuy says:

Matt is too busy making those disgusting, inaccurate “top 10” etc cars on
Auto Express, and reviewing new cars, which are actually fine. 

wrexel says:

Pretty half-hearted attempt at a Carbuyer review. Never bothered to
actually fold the seats to show the shape of the loading bay, show the
cubby spaces and how a big bottle fits, flag out the cheap materials in the
cabin and worst of all didn’t even adjust the seating position and headrest
correctly etc. Matt are you listening?

frostsealber08 says:

go away! we want matt!

Tail finz says:

still better looking inside then an audi

sean t says:

Shallow points, give the guy back. Seriously.

MerseYattle says:

ugly fugly back, same old boring stretched taillights, not practical either
this ugly design trend will disappear soon, hopefully..

it was nice back then when audi did this, but now… oh boy..

Joe Morello says:

Awesome review Ginny!

Zomby Zomby says:

Someone crack teleportation already 

Alaatin61 says:

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