Hyundai i20 hatchback review – Carbuyer

Hyundai i20 hatchback review – Carbuyer

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kalo88uk says:

I’ve got one as a courtesy car at the moment, it’s actually really good.
I’m 6 foot 3 and have plenty of space I find the ride comfortable and
average 49.6mpg :)

Wu Ming says:

Hyundai has come a long way from where they used to be, but I think they’re
still behind in chassis development; but all these efforts they’ve suddenly
put into motorsport should right this. Good move from the Koreans.

Jerome Blue says:

Nissan Micra is a bit more practical.

Aj Mag says:

i20 is A Good Looking Car. But SWIFT is Much Much More FUN To Drive :)


i20 is A Good Looking Car. But SWIFT is Much Much More FUN To Drive :)

anamarsaree says:

i like your reviews……subtitles please………

shafta99 says:

nice car. not everyone needs a sports car. some people just want to get
from point a to point b. that metal bar in the seat i would have a problem
with though.

David Ferrari says:

The 2014 Hyundai i20 is the best designed and most technologically advanced
compact hatchback of 2014. Hyundai auto technology is one of the most
advanced in the world. For example, the Hyundai Equus, along with some BMW
premium models, is the only car in the world to sport heads-up-displays.
Also Korean technology company Samsung is the biggest and most advanced
technology company in the world (highest revenues and innovation index of
all technology companies). FORZA HYUNDAI MOTORS!

sorenslothe says:

The US is generally a more liberal country, therefore the taxes are much
lower than other countries, which in turn results in cheaper products,
including cars. In Denmark, where I live, the tax for buying a car is 180 %
of the cars value, so everybody who complains about stuff being expensive,
should just be referred to that.

anurag sharma says:

chutiya no1

Shubham Sonker says:

Mahindra no 1

ameya karnalkar says:

i was also going to get this as my 18th bday present but after i got my
license i drove this and the polo and i find the polo way better.

benzbubblecat says:

because it’s warm.

aidan doyle says:

its shi*

mlps93 says:

You should ask yourself that same question.

Akram Moussa says:

I’d like for Carbuyer to stop quoting the manufacturers’ bloated fuel
consumption figures and test it in the real world conditions.

afghanakk says:

buy a second hand civic .. cheaper and better

liam baker says:


yusuf topaloglu says:

itsally roomy inside after owning seat ibiza it looks the best choice for
small families with children.

Bikramjit singh Gill says:

i have this car>>>and this car is awsm

Patryk Ząbkiewicz says:

Please review Ford Mustang GT

fvgotch says:

LOL scare me off? I simply did not respond back to a chimp, that is all.

101philosopha101 says:

bugs like shit, and Hyundai is shit, duh…

Shobin Drogan says:

its actually a safety feature, its ugliness is so that people won’t
tailgate you

fvgotch says:

As long as your ugly ass mom is alive, I am open to call a hoe. That makes
sense. Your brain is on fire, why don’t you blow on it?

mlps93 says:

The only one about to blow is you. Rage problem kid 😀 Can’t take a little

Imran Mohammed says:

Mat Watson rocks!

Tyrone Ross says:

he crushed it :((

mlps93 says:

perhaps he does not stalk but rather, like a lot of people, have
subscriptions to car review channels like these. they are free to comment,
if it was “stalking”, he would have dug up some Hyundai videos uploaded
years ago and then make a comment on it

RavenY2K3 says:

One thing is certain…. it’s a bloody good fly magnet lol.

mlps93 says:

Just because my country says Hong Kong does it mean I am Chinese? Just like
there are a lot of users that say United States or Canada, does that mean
they are white? Your logic is flawed. It’s ok, Hyundai fan boys never make
sense when they talk.

Tesla PDX says:

Mat has a nice reasonable sized boot.

andrenj1970 says:

wow it’s insane dude.

ameya karnalkar says:

nah. these are just hatchbacks. im not some spoilt rich kid who gets a bmw
on the day he gets his driving license

dookieday1 says:

reliable and cheap my dream car.

Sina Madani says:

I presume this is the same car as the Kia Rio, given that the 1.1 diesel
claims 88 mpg

hammy y says:

omg i really hate it when people do that! i like everything tidy and to be
done properly!

Stergios-giorgos Tsarouchas says:

γεια σου μιτσο

andrephx90 says:

Shouldn´t this cars come with Daylight Running Lights?

Dr.Krishna says:

I hate the name Hyundai. In what way is that name apt for a Car company ?
Plus they need to get their suspension and steering setup on par with Fords
to really make an upgrade as a Car manufacturer.

wtrdogg20 says:

You cant compare it with a Rio. i20 and Rio are not in the same segment.
You can compare an Accent Hatchback with a Rio Hatchback.

Jerubei says:

A car, with flies on it. There’s something else that attracts flies, and
this is hardly the marketing this nifty vehicle needs.

fickmeindreamcacao says:

avoid doggy style 🙂

akshayd211 says:

Do i look like i give a fuck ? ~NO. 😛

mustsilm says:

Anyone else thinks I20 is like the 2nd coming of Yaris? I mean in a good

RB20ANDY says:

This guy needs to fix his mic, on every review he covers it with his shirt
some way LOUD soft LOUD soft LOUD soft

mlps93 says:

The only idiot here is you, you think someone stalks a video just because
they watch videos of super cars. You’re the animal here telling people to
go fuck themselves with their own penis.

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