Hyundai i20 Active :: Review :: ZigWheels

Hyundai i20 Active :: Review :: ZigWheels

Sports Styled Vehicle is what Hyundai calls its new hatchback, the i20 Active. What it is though is a more practical Elite i20 and one of the best cross hatches one can buy in the country today…



Rahul Das says:

What can be the reason behind Hyundai for not keeping an SX trim for the
petrol version ?

Somnath Dutta says:

what will be the good choice between active i20 and elite i20 in terms of
styling, handling and price aspect??????????I am talking about both diesel
top end….

Ethan Maskie says:

Hyundai should soon put the projector headlamps on the regular elite i20 

raji red says:

Its just an eyewash, by minimal changes you are getting one more option at
premium. Please do not waste your time even for going and looking at the
vehicle instead, wait and go for new compact SUV from Hyundai coming soon
its worth a wait for a while for better product…

Divyanshu Chauhan says:

you are awesome dude

Ilyas moyikkal says:

Weri yoood

Harikrishnan V N says:

great review

Pratap Patil says:

Avventure is the best looking cross in India 

Raja Karuparthi says:

Even i have the same question.. 

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