Hyundai i20 Active first drive review

Hyundai i20 Active first drive review

We drive Hyundai’s take on the hatchback-SUV crossover phenomenon that’s sweeping the automotive world.



Prabhjit Singh says:

I am planning to buy a petrol version of active. S
I am just a city driver soo would there be a big issue with the performance
of the car..even at low speeds?

Any other draw back of the car??

Abhishek Sharma says:

FYI @odmag Hyundai is not the only manufacturer to have raised the ground
clearance.. FIAT did raise the clearance for Avventura..

Haman Parmar says:

To all smart buyers out there – please do not fall into trap of buying a
PSEUDO SUV. Duster is still the best compact SUV in India and if you are a
Hyundai fan, Better wait for new Tucson to be announced later this year. 

jairaj nnayk says:

I luv hundai i20 active

Arun Shetty says:

If you looking for best value, comfort, ride and handling and safety, Ford
ecosport is top priority. 

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