Hyundai i20 2015 review | TELEGRAPH CARS

Hyundai i20 2015 review | TELEGRAPH CARS

Has the new Hyundai i20 got what it takes to go to the top of the class? Rebecca Jackson finds out. Find us on Facebook: Visit…



berzu21 says:

Anyone came for the car ?

Telegraph Cars says:

Rebecca Jackson reviews the new Hyundai i20. Is it a match for the best in

Poul Jørgensen says:

Please lower the gain on Rebecca’s microphone. The audio was really
distorted. Otherwise great review as always by her :). 

2014andBeyonD says:

Yes Rebecca, yes..

Sinky says:

Nice to see a new car with a traditional handbrake and not this girly
push-button rubbish!

osamaFXX says:

Am not a big fan of Korean cars but its really hard to find a bad looking
Hyundai since 2010. They look really good.

lalos says:

hajundai??? aaahahahha its hjundai

Tayfun Tuna says:

No banana test? :(

Alan Dooley says:

It’s like a Peugeot 106 from the front around the grille/bonnet/headlamp

EnterpriseKnight says:

Is it really worth paying for satnav on a car at this point? They should
just add an empty screen for video wifi streaming.

Adam Amor says:

Rebecca Jackson come back to carbuyer u was better there

Neo Racer says:

Rebecca fucking sexy

FrightfulAccountant says:

In my eyes, only the new Mazda 2 can revival this when it comes of very
small cars looking actually good!

Yippie says:

It fits an adult? That last time I was 5 foot and 4.5 inches tall I was 10
years old. 

MS says:

Reminds me of some small Audi.

Jantipo 80 says:

Muy bonito y el color me gusta también

Kerem İnan says:

This is what the polo should have been

Keisha Cole says:

Once again it goes back to the ford fiesta

wagsbass says:

Didn’t know this was styled in Germany. 

Thoughts, Ideas, and what? says:

Glad to see you’re still making vids! 

Mint Berry says:

The banana is really inaccessible at the back.

Nick pallisgaard jensen says:

I guess ford company pays you to mention ford fiesta as the best car in
this class, every god damn time you make a review, If you want to people to
believe you, you must STOP mentioning the redicoulous fiesta.

Christopher Robertson says:

If that Hyundai isn’t a VW Golf, I don’t know what is. 

scorpionbeware says:

Another great review by Rebecca. Any news when is HONDA launching the new
JAZZ in the UK?? 

LJ Sobers says:

Horrible audio. 

Hitesh Rathore says:

She looks very happy at the back seat of car…

Kostas G says:

why are you driving with the jacket on?

COOPERS Z88 says:

When u guys review cars you should do a acceleration test 

noporian says:

Sure it’s more stylish than it’s predescessor but it still looks like it’s
trying waaaay too hard to be edgy

Macavellic says:

That face pointing to the youtube site, that’s the face of a woman who
regrets leaving Carbuyer. I do as well.

Ngawang Dargay says:

I thought she was doing one of the carbuyeruk reviews until i release it
was the telegraph… 

Andre S says:

I just realized that Rebecca looks a lot like Iggy Azalea. 

rheindot says:

Rebecca is getting beautiful. The look of the new Hyundai i20 somehow
reminds me of the new Toyota Yaris

Vance Scaife says:

all the cars in this segment are almost the same, no one gives a crap what
anyone drives any more,everything looks like a polo 

sequentialgear says:

so… cars are starting to look like they’re from 10 years ago…

Swami Satcitananda says:

Yawn. Nice banana in the boot.

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