Hyundai i10 Sportz Automatic car



Techshan says:

yes i have driven it for almost 1.5 years touching 11658 km. the above car
in the video is of my brother who got it few months ago.

Philip Mathew says:

Good review. I’m seriously thinking about buying this car for my wife.
How’s the performance with air conditioner on when overtaking or when
climbing a hill? You said high maintenance in the review. What exactly is
high maintenance and how much is the cost for it? Thanks.

Techshan says:

it is really good,performance is still great. a smooth driving experience.

Fayaz Rehman says:

hey bro … would like to know hows de car now n its mileage.. i would also
like to know how is de performance too. Is it bad as it ages r gd??

maddypaddy123 says:

thanks for the detailed review…planning to buy this model….

Techshan says:

great to hear ! Air conditioner is really good. what I mean high
maintenance is, the parts and other components are a bit pricey. lets say
you have a component that fails, you have to shell couple of thousands
extra when compare to a manual car.

puneetarorax says:

If you can drive; always prefer the manual option . . Its more fun to drive
and is the real thing. Dad drives an automatic; have driven both; nothing
like the gear shifting to zoom off . . Also; the car show above is Garnet
Red; not blushing Red.

Techshan says:

great ! all the best , safe driving

ea325 says:

no abs !!! scary car on wet tarmac

Techshan says:

hi popapape , the kappa 2 is really good. and with the latest i10 i i can
say driving experience is really cool. i have 4 of my friends having i10
and none have so far complained bout gear issues. so if you are looking for
a stylish hatchback within a budget i10 should for sure be considered. also
check out the new Honda Briyo,

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