Hyundai i10 review

Hyundai i10 review

The Hyundai i10 is a small, hatchback which makes for great city driving. A surprising drive, the i10 handles the road really well. It’s agile and grips corn…



sanjogar says:

I don’t understand why this review: the new generation i10 is coming right
now and we will see it in less than two months in Frankfurt. The new i10
will be manufactured in Europe (Turkey I think).

Mohd Safwan Arabi says:

Will Kris be back soon?

Bobby Haberlin says:

What happened the other presenter??


I won’t fault the new presenter until he reviews an exciting car. I think
reviewers show their true colors when it’s a car they can be enthusiastic

Gilly Perry says:

MT cars are pretty average, any chance we could get something a bit more
exciting please!!

Motortorque says:

Just one of things as we’re entering a new phase at MotorTorque. Hopefully
everyone will embrace Simon as much as they did Kris, there’s big things in

mcewanrules says:

Agreed. Yeah they are wrong, I’ve got the Hyundai brochure in front of me.
Some numpty has quoted the kilowatt power figure, it’s 63kw/85bhp. (p.s.
does it drive ok on the motorway, thinking about buying one myself?)

Motortorque says:

Thanks for the feedback. Re the KA we’re only going from Ford! It’s a bit
of a tomato/tomarto situation. I think soon enough you’ll see the real
Simon as he relaxes in front camera, it’s only his second video!

Motortorque says:

Sorry, efiji, no. Entering a new phase for MotorTorque. Hopefully, Simon’ll
win you round

Gilly Perry says:

I am a relatively new viewer but passionate about cars. Reviews seem fair
and objective. It’s interesting though how many leaving negative comments
have never left any supporting comments for the last presenter. I’m
thinking the last presenter was ‘bumped’ and his mates have decided to
troll the new videos in a bid to get him back. It’s getting boring! Please
can we focus on content of car reviews!!

aminninja says:

5 !

Motortorque says:

voodooseed72, we double check all our stats even though we mainly refer to
the information the manufacturer’s send us with the vehicles

Motortorque says:

Well, we’ve got some good stuff coming up… Keep an eye out for the Audi
R8, a special VW and some others we can’t reveal just yet!

Yansweb says:

he sucks he’s not got a good diction not an appealing presence no energy
Seriously, cast better people. This is how you lose viewers.

Christopher Fraser says:

The Ford K A its a Ka (kah). I hope the new presenter relaxes and develops
his quirks and also he needs to brighten up his voice.

Motortorque says:

Thanks, we’ve got some really great performance cars coming up

donmaga1 says:

This presenter is so boring. His voice has no life. If he he is going to do
more reviews more V/O training needed. He is stammering and not sure of his
script. He is a disgrace.

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