Hyundai i10 Review – What Car?

Hyundai i10 Review – What Car?

Read the What Car? Hyundai i10 review With the Hyundai i10 you get an awful lot of car for not much cash. The i10 is good to drive, chea…



Rihards Mors says:

Sadly real “bargain” is wrong! For 8 000 you could get used family car in
good condition!

jmgonzalez688 says:

Yo tengo i10 y es una maravilla

jedicriss says:

yo tengo el 1.2 y me da 16 km/L mixto

acemaster delmart says:

un auto basura con el cual estafaron a 2 amigos mios entra en mi canal y ve
lo que investigamos.

Mason Cherrington says:

Looks Dated and Boring

Ganesh Ramawamy Iyer says:

Yes truly the best car in India now selling across the states,well driven
into the minds of car lovers.

Robert Davis says:

I drive this it’s an excellent car!!

Alvaro Doune says:

en serio? yo quiero comprar uno! lo recomendas? que consumo tiene?
muchisimas gracias

mcwally514 says:

Brand new!

Rihards Mors says:

@windowspczone OK, but I get more cabin and boot space, and bigger, torquer
engine. My decision 🙂 Sorry

Kris Zon says:

Perfect in the city !

neilvader says:

What a shit car these are, I’ve had nothing but trouble with 2 of them,
don’t touch them there shit, build quality is rubbish and just fall to bits
you have been warned !!!

Bluebeyond08 says:

Looks really nice

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