Hyundai i10 hatchback (2008-2013) review – CarBuyer

Hyundai i10 hatchback (2008-2013) review – CarBuyer

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Somdeep Ganguly says:

Good value for money car.

Kris L says:

I had it for a week when my Mercedes C220 went for service….. the worst
car I’ve ever driven , the only reason to buy this is price but is better
to go for 2 years old car…..any car:)

Elie Massoud says:

Hyundai I10 is cute, comfortable to drive. Sexiest town car. I simply love
my I10. :D

Stephen McCabe says:

we considered one until we were told it was group 9 insurance.we purchased
a citigo instead,group 1.I think these carbuyer reviews are pretty
naff,headroom,legroom,luggage and water about insurance
group,actual mpg,reliability issues,performance,cost of replacement
parts,i.e. lightbulbs,brakes,clutch.nah,too technical for carbuyer,size of
water bottle far more important !!!

Redford Samson says:

Hyundai EON please!! :)))

Jennifer Lane says:

This has nothing to do with the car review, but he had a cute butt…

ApplicationTestTeam says:

oh guys you`re sooo cool!

scott mcevoy says:

looks like an old lady’s car :L

Grant Goodman says:

@biglandfarm “hun-day” is the mangled american pronunciation.

brit nproud says:

value for money matters alot especially if like me your FROM THE
MIDLANDS!!! lol luv it

86kinky86 says:

my friend has one of these, it’s cool but looks lke an old mans car.

Silver Low says:

Styling a bit nerdy……….. hmmmmm…

daretray says:

WOW you lose some weight 😀

djmhyde says:

i like your Scooby-Doo’s Shaggy costume

Milantro Alard says:

That is a very stupid remark, poor like you! What the f…. are you

tsu qiao hua says:

I have bought i10 1.25 spec …I think it’s cute ! :3

AlJeffersonA1 says:

Yet another fantastic review from Mat.

MacGyver920 says:

@biglandfarm Of course the Koreans say it differently, silly.

sead garanovic says:

*Accent Interior

deperer says:

i’ve got the 1.2 litre 2011 facelift classic version. Mine has clutch
problems… took it to garage shortly after buying it free repair under
warranty, they said it was a factory fault with the gear bearings or
something. worked well for 2 weeks but clutch stalling probs resurfaced
although i havent bothered to take it to garage again. It judders abit
between 1st-2nd gear change. anyway i got used to it along with the
sensative clutch, not got worse after 3/4 months. my first car, nice to

mak450 says:

@AdrianC12345 it’s gotta be those those giant water bottles he seemingly
buys in bulk, he must load the equivalent of 50 of them into every trunk
and door bin in 5 cars a week.

srslycurious says:

such a cute reviewer ^_^

Shobin Drogan says:

but i think the real reason hes crap is because of his YT account name…
chick magnet, Really? how empty and miserable must his life be to come up
with that haha

scorpserpent says:

i was brought here buy the thumbnail of a man in the boot. i thought it was
a guide to murder people..:S

Real Deal Driver says:

sound like fun, just needs a turbo and some harder springs and sway bars!

iraggari5491 says:

Matt… To the programs tv: you’re program is mire expensive… But my
reviews are more funs. 🙂

Paul Reynolds says:

ice silver metallic

thihal123 says:

Mat, that’s some tight pants!

Tony Calvo says:

i want this here in the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!

sead garanovic says:

@datboiwes333 Either way I don’t like Hyundais their overall look on every
car is the same

deep deogan says:

at end he said buy or not upto you not a my pruduct.

endxoff says:

Hahaha, the famous bottle.. 😀

Jiss Janardhanan says:

I have this one in india and i live in the hills . lots of curvy and narrow
roads and i must say i love it. Well the 1.2 Kappa engine is not the
toughest but for what you pay for it is a cute little car. Just as he
rightly points out shifting gears is a pleasure in this car you almost get
addicted to it 🙂

TheHornyHomunculus says:

@SeadGBosnia Dumbass. The I10 is one of the cheapest cars you can buy in
this country, it also comes very well equipped for the price. It’s
obviously not going to have a full leather interior and be built like a Jag
when it costs about £6000 brand new. The car you compared it with probably
costs 3x as much.

04smallmj says:

@thelastgood1forever At least they’re easy to change LOL

shine01120 says:

i’m getting one of these on Monday. can’t wait 🙂

Naresh Gurung says:

I just bought this car it’s fun to drive.and thanx to new face lift looks
great as well.totally disagree with u, said nerdy looks. i wouldn’t
complain at the price mate.gr8 value car.super like.

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