Hyundai Grand i10 Road Test Review

Hyundai Grand i10 Road Test Review tests the new Hyundai Grand i10, a segment changing car which features loads of equipment, acres of interior space and neutral dyna…



Enosh Yeluchuri says:

Plz do i10 Grand Automatic Review with mileage

Attitude is everything says:

Looks lik he is reading a script lol 

Deepu Divakaran says:

hyundai Grand i10 good…

mobuis juan says:

That’s a H Y U N D A I not HUNDA. LOL!

zonda5319 says:


rob khurmi says:

pichle tyre ch hwa ghat a yr phla pwa ke aa

Helena Born says:

I want to know about the engine 

Aman Khurana says:

Need some advise…

I am planning to buy my first car(petrol).. Shortlisted to Swift, Grand i10
and Brio..
Swift clutch is too hard and wasnt comfortable in high traffic and low

Narrowed down to Grand and Brio…
I found brio handling and ease to drive top notch.. wanted to drive more..
Grand i10 felt like neutral driving.. steering was sensitive and suspension
bouncy in bad roads..but build quality and features are too tempting..

Please advice which one is better car to buy in ur opinion..

aesean says:

whats your height ….that car looks very small beside you….

Rohit Eligeti says:

I have verna, also I need a small car for daily use…

gautam rabha says:

This has been the most biased review I have ever come across. I am Hyundai
fan but still this is just too much. My brother drives i10 and I just love
the car. But when it comes to my first car- I am confused between the grand
and celerio. The feature list is good but every other manufacturer offers
the same- USB, AUX, Steering mounted controls, dual tone dash, electrically
operated ORVMs, etc. The new suzuki celerio offers the same but at a lot
less including safety features like ABS and airbags on top end zxi. 1GB of
HD on board is a welcome and so is the rear ac vents, but is it of such
high importance? For a car this size- I dont think so but it is a good USP.

I checked your video of the quick review of celerio and surprised to hear
that you did not like the rear end of celerio as it has resemblances of
alto 800 but you like the similar familiar looks of eon and grand i10 (in
fact all new Hyundais look the same with fluidic design concept making it
quite boring). Please help me understand. Looks are subjective, so no

I had the opportunity to check both the cars close up. The wheel base of
both the cars is 2425, offering equal knee room at rear and similar
headroom and shoulder room. Boot space of both the cars- good. Plastic
quality remains the same. the dashboard of both the cars looked ok. Even
both the cars have similar NVH levels.

Efficiency of the celerio is better and the hyundai has better performance.

The price of celerio is a lot less with all the bells and whistles. So
which is a better option?

Mruthyunjaya Gindimane says:

Any body who drives like the reviewer is sure to cause a big accident. He
drives on the right, keeps right in curves and moves with utter disregard
to traffic rules.

akshay sood says:

Should i buy swift or grandi10

Bichu Boys says:

Hyundai grand i10 it is as same as Hyundai i10 2014 which are being
produced in uk ,European countries…why did indian hyudai named it
Hyundai grand i10 instead of Hyundai i10 2014??? grand i10 lacks
automatic climate control and 4 other air bags…:-)

hoho hi says:

fool ㅗ

Bala Abinessh says:

Good one 

Nithin Mohan says:

Did you say Honda at times ?

Sayantan Datta says:

Some important parts of this car has been left out, and I really didn’t get
it why?? There was no mention that this car doesn’t have climate control,
whether or not it has telescopic steering, seat height adjuster, rear flip
down seats, safety features as number of airbags. Not to mention that the
engine is highly underpowered (not a single mention given), and also that
not many changes done to the internals of the car. There has been no
mention if there are no rear passenger power ports or also that no
comparison has been made to premium hatchbacks like polo gt or ford fiesta.
bad review :(

Reddylion says:

decent review..

Yasser Khan says:

I have said before. Your video are pure vanilla and not interesting. You
need someone in the creative department to polish the videos before they
are out. Also why do you guys takes ages to do the review. Grand i10 has
been around for few months now, so the video this late hardly makes sense.

sunrose singh says:

could you please review the new fiat linea classic.

Chethan Ram says:

Thanks a lot for the review guys 🙂 Just an Analysis: MotorBeam’s youtube
channel which started in 2008 have just 10K subscribers, And Powerdrift’s
youtube channel which started in 2013 already have a whooping 17K
subscribers. Counting uploads,MB have uploaded around 248 video’s & PD
around 94. Yeah, reason towards this love to PD is ofcoz due to that
detailed review they puts up with a nice presentation, amazing camera work
with a very well done post processing. Expecting same from you Guys 🙂

rahul sharma says:

Powerdrift is very new channel but believe me they are most awesome guys.
Their way of presenting the video moreover shoot the video is just wow.

Bark says:

Yasser, i think they have very plain and informative review rather then
distractive and biased review we see everywhere.

Kadir Yağcı says:

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