Hyundai Grand i10 Review & Test Drive- Mileage, Features, Specs, Ride & Handling By Car Blog India

Hyundai Grand i10 Review & Test Drive- Mileage, Features, Specs, Ride & Handling By Car Blog India

Rear more here- Hyundai Grand i10 Diesel Video Review with Test Drive, Features, Specificatio…



zonexization says:

You got a dent at 2:44 so early?

Attitude is everything says:

Is there a battery drainage problem? And is abs important for a car… It
makes the break hard in future!! 

Alan Hayward says:

I wonder why the Diesel engine is not available here in the UK?

Kush Gupta says:

Nice Job, keep it going!

Attitude is everything says:

Is there any battery drainage issue? Or is having ABS important? 

Arul Roshan says:

Wil yo get the ac vents in any model of the grand 

Soheb khan says:

This is what we call a comprehensive review…well done!

Ankit Pandey says:

Hi rohit! I have a query about hyundai grand i10 diesel. How far it can go
non stop without affecting the engine performance. I am planning to buy a
diesel car. My daily run is around 50 km. Besides that I drive around 300 –
400kms non stop about four times in a month.

So my simple question is how can grand i10 diesel be used for long journeys
like 300-400 kms non stop many times.

Kindly guide me regarding this issue. I will be grateful to you. 

Vinith Menon says:

Best review ever, i have never seen such a detailed review in any of the
other car review youtube channels, the way you explained how to engage the
reverse gear system was eye opening :), you covered all the equipment list
in detail. It felt like i was there with you near the car when you took the
shoot, nice review, cool and explained with simple words.

pradeep nayak says:

I have also planned to purchase grand i10, but m worried about the battery
drain issue, if we keep car idle for a week, the battery gets completely
drained, is that true ?

Charanjeet Singh says:

Best video with all the details

Murli Manohar says:

Nice Job from caplogindia.. I liked it.. i m going to buy it.. Thanks your
good review

Rajesh Kaza says:

Very Nice Review. Have you tried Petrol variant. Need details on Pickup,

Sahil Bawa says:

Trust me this is the best review ever. I have seen tons of review but this
is the most detailed and the best review.. Keep the good work guys.. Subbed

Dr.Sriram Palani says:

Wow…nice… Awesome.big thumps up….kindly guide me rohit
sir..,wat is the best hatchback to buy under 5 lak on road.. 

Yogesh Kamble says:

Very nice review….Good job done guys …You really have set and example
to other reviewers…

guruprasad Sherikar says:

I am confused which one to buy b/w petrol and diesel variant, As people
suggest that if we keep a diesel vehicle idle for one week it wont start up
next day. But mileage vise diesel is very good. So please suggest me which
one is good to buy..?
quick response is highly appreciated.!! 

Rajesh Kannan says:

A Sailing PALACE. Lovely Hyundai Grand i10. Buy it , Ride it & Feel the
difference. More Ride , More Smiles & More Comfort. Think Driving – Think
Hyundai Grand i10. Step in with Confidence , I won’t leave you to “Hang on
” anywhere.

Jagadish Modugula says:

That’s a excelent and comprehensive review. Exactly what I was looking

Hemant Giri says:

what a review everything in detail specially i love when u talked about
real world mileage no one says all they say what is said by company…
loved ur review… 

Ashish Shah says:

I really like the way you have covered of minute details of the car … I
think mostly people like to see them instead of listening about them 🙂 …
at least I do. Thanks for such a nice video !!

Savio Shetty says:

Great video, well done. 

Krish Nixon Ugsod says:

nice review and a dirty car.

Jijesh M Unnikrishnan says:

Perfect Car Review…! A Grand review…! Feels like i already had a Test
Drive of Grand i10…! Well Done…!

Manish Patil says:

Best review ever…

Gaurav Bhardwaj says:

Sir i have to purchase a car b/w maruti swift VDI and grand i10 sportz can
u please suggest with every aspects wid brief

Suchit goel says:

By far the best review of Grand i10 I have come across till date..Pls also
compare sportz and asta variants for better clarity..Thanks

Swapnil Naik says:

Great effort natural simple easy to understand cheers

Vedansh Mishra says:

Xcellent review

Subrata Bhowmick says:

Very nice review…

Sandeep Mathur says:

nice car

waheguru ji says:

Dear All, Wish you Very Happy New Year..
I have small question, I want to buy a car for my father, looking for hatch
back and auto gear transmission. I am confuse between Grand i 10 and
Nissan micra and swift dzire. Plesae give me your feed back . I will be
thankful to all of you..

Prasanna Kumar says:

best review of this car i ve seen till date

Vinit Sorte says:

I actually loved the way you addressed the car. Awesome review of a great
car. Thank you!

chandan satheesh says:

why do u people say comfor table .look up for how its said .and great
review anyways 

Vishwanath Nanoskar says:

Very good review Mr Rohit …keep it up !!!

Arul Roshan says:

Osm review now I can buy the car with no doubts ty

Ash Kunnekel says:

Great review. I had checked out the car at a hyundai dealership and even
they were not able to show me as much as you did. Kudos!

fervour4you says:

Lovely review brother 🙂
Infact ive decided to book a grand
Thank u u ! !

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