Hyundai Grand i10 Review : PowerDrift

Hyundai Grand i10 Review : PowerDrift

We review the latest offering from Hyundai that has made a grand entry in the Indian small car market. The Grand i10. The Hyundai Grand i10 slots-in between …



Shyam R says:

Thanks for the review. But Sorry PTR, you might lose your subscribers if
this style continues.

This review seems to be a more biased review unlike what i have seen from
PTR. Agreed its much cheaper that Swift but taking away a cylinder out of
the equation does not seem right. Adding to this, the comment from reviewer
saying it handles better when i myself have experienced it to be set soft
and rolls a bit just did not feel convincing.

Having been a fan of PTR, and made many of my friends to sub to your
channel, this review does not seem to be of usual PTR standard. Missing out
on the fun stuff as well from TenHut.

Wishing for better reviews next time. Thanks.

Sonu Joshi says:

In ‘trems’ of everything

Mehul Jain says:

Isn’t the automatic version available only in petrol?

Yourtube says:

5:47 the best part :P

petrux lam says:

get well soon bro…!

rvrv512 says:

An avg. Review….was expecting something grand…lol!

Dr.Krishna says:

Explain some technicalities like bhp, torque, 0-60. People are getting
smarter, so should your videos. Anyways, u guys earned fans, good job!

nur723 says:

Great Video !!! It would be great if you guys could brief us about the
variants and what features we get or don’t get…

Anupam Potdar says:

One word….. Disappointing.

Manox Garg says:

Great review as always ! Im a avide follower of your channel, and I was
hoping if you could review the sedan version of Grand i.e. Hyundai Xcent as
it is much awaited car ! 

aviatorankrit says:

finally grand reviews
already got it booked on sunday the 22
gr8 review as always
ten hut wish u a speedy recovery bro
i agree to at this range its heavily packed with features

SierraAlphaGolf says:

Disappointing Review, Ride & Handling Better?? You must me kidding

Vinith Menon says:

Nice review, nice that you are not using too much of video editing filters
for your videos, 5:00 to 5:07 looked too much overacted.

TheEvaAddict says:

It seemed good but didn’t match the expectation after such a long
wait..!!..Anyways a fan of yours I am and looking forward for some awesome

Mandeep Singh says:

what happened to you PD ? i was a big fan of your reviews full of great
editing and the use of marvelous graphics, but now i have seen your 2
latest reviews and they were totally dull in comparison to you recent
reviews . hoping to get those reviews that really matches at your level .
otherwise m still a fan of you , 

naveen sisodiya says:

what about safety? 

Siddharth Meloth says:

i have heard other reviews stressing the fact that the suspension is on the
softer side and that the handling dynamics of the car is not as sporty as
swift .

vishal jayakodi says:

Wow a whole lotta viewers found this review unfavorable ! : O I for one
loved the heck outta this review and am amazed every year at the kind of
kit hyundai put out with their cars and how they offer a really good value
package for buyers ! I’m not a fanboy though, I chose a fabia over an I20
when I had to make a purchase :p About the video, the shots of the cubby
holes was perfect, the one with the abandoned petrol station, the one with
the water flowing from the dam, the driving shots were the best I’ve seen
anywhere ! Powerdrift, keep this up and you’ll put top gear outta business

valueboyzmsg says:

I am kinda waiting for the review of the new Xcent. I feel the faster you
release the review video, the more viewers you’re going to earn and
henceforth cranking up PD’s review respect ;). Please do work on fast. I
can’t wait to another good quality review. I also understand quality comes
with time but if you can trick that factor out, you would get awesomely
qualitative viewers in large quantity 

pradeep nayak says:

thanx a lot

zap f says:

PTR , u build up an entire new refreshing atmosphere in the start jus lik
in any of ur review which s really admirable n definitive, but that
subsided substantially by the end of ur review.. u failed to deliver a
final verdict on this car.. the final half of the review was a real let
down for me which never happened to me before..u really need to find a way
to sort out the way u presented the handlin n dynamic aspects of the
car..really lookin forward for ur other reviews..:)

Rickie Khosla says:

The word is rear. R-E-A-R. Please stop saying “rare” seats, “rare” design
and so on. It is quite annoying. 

Charanjit Singh says:

Just a thought… why not start giving vehicles that you review score out
of 10 based on all the different parameters that you judge them with and
then finally come out with an average total score? 

Varun A S says:


muqeet arsh says:

Fair enuf!!! Bt din feel d charm nd energy of ur regular reviews!!! Felt
vry plain!! M sure d whole team of PD r al workd up abt rohans crash !!
Hope hes doin fine!! wishn hm a speedy recovery!!! Get wel soon buddy!!!

pravien kumar says:

I loved the ending more than the review!!

Kaushik Biswas says:


Apurva Patkeshwar says:

review came in pretty late.. but, nicely done.. 

Saquib Mushtaq says:

when are you going to have the review of Hyundai Xcent

Anson Thomas says:

it under steers a bit 5:21 but i guess its common in all front wheel drive

Hardik Bhatkar says:

Awesome review fan of you

Nikhil Kareniya says:

Where is scared music and idon’t like second man

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