Hyundai Grand i10 review

Hyundai Grand i10 review

Playlist- Know everything about Hyundai Grand i10, including fuel economy, features,…



areasevenpro says:

Nice ride. That Grand i10 isn’t bad, either.

Ganesh Babu says:

her accent is hilarious…. am gonna watch all her reviews 

Arjun S MENON says:

Neeraja- Your Accent sucks to the core, don’t try to act too much.
Thought of listening to the review, but had to close down the video because
of the accent and no comparison to other cars in this segment.

Ravi Kumar says:

5 pettrol.. and 5 deissal…common gal.. drop the fake accents.. spk your
normal way thngs wud be better

Bharat Sharma says:

Fake Accent. At least talk in normal accent. 

santkris4 says:

You have to work on your accent. It sounds horrible!

I am Isa says:

horrible accent

Mohit Sehrawat says:

The girl is trying a bit too hard at her BRITISH accent…fake !!

Ângela Freire says:

Tenho o grande i10 è uma maravilha

Ângela Freire says:

Tenho o grande i10 è uma maravilha

Manish Singh says:

Both of them are pretty :)

Bhavya Bansal says:

horrible video

John Christy says:

The anchor should draw the attention not only by the valid points and
looks, but also with a proper communication which suits the understanding
for the nation which it is being published. The lady has a strong UK accent
alike the call center rep.

Mainly the overall video sounds like a demo to the car (also promotional),
maybe she isn’t familiar with other hatchbacks while telling this one is
the best… I could say this is not a video review but definitely a
promotional video for the Grand i10.

Suggestion would be to use a neutral English, for better understanding of
the Indian viewers.

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