Hyundai Grand i10 New Car Petrol and Diesel engine Interior Review and Specifications

Hyundai Grand  i10 New Car Petrol and Diesel engine Interior Review and Specifications Presenters: Angad Singh and Simranjeet Kaur Video Direction: Sandy Juneja Hyundai i10 Grand i10 Petrol and Diesel engine new Car…



Faizan Ahmed says:

Nice car

Nidhin Kuriakose says:

what about the air bags????????

simran cheema says:

Good one..well described

David Ferrari says:

Very modern and classy design.


Bijay Pradhan says:

im waiting…

rahulforworld says:

This car lacks lots of things like Rear defogger, rear washer, rear
wiper, music system in Era, Magna and sportz. Only Asta is having almost
everything needed which costs more than 6 lakhs. Other cars offer better
features in less price than this. Though this car has more space but Grand
Era, Magna and sports are not so drivable.

Swapnil Naik says:

thanks guys after watching your video i decided to buy grand i 10 since i
came to know it comes with 4 cylinder petrol engine

vinayak bhandarkar says:

awesome review !! gr8 job!!

Manish Singh says:

The AC vent feature for the passenger seats is really good.

Srikanth Somasekharan says:

Indepth review. Liked it.


nice car with nice reviews

Hiren Kathrotiya says:

Good review especially in HIndi. Loved it. Liked it and also well explained
with reason why you have changed…. Best of luck for selling….

Kabriskhalis says:

Are the seats split ones or foldable

Karri Aravind says:


Ayush Saxena says:

Great Job Good Review

Kabriskhalis says:

Will this glovebox would be benifical in winters to keep the food hot in
glovebox. Does it has abs,ebd,dual airbag Can you explain in detail about
integrated memory card

Kabriskhalis says:

Sir/mam which variant you are showing us here

Pratik Ahiwale says:

nice one

Gagandeep Singh says:

very nice review….

Chill hari prasad says:

Tnx for ur valuble review… lets us know on road price for this Sportz

Sunny Naik says:

The only perfect review I could find in Youtube.

Malkiyat Singh says:

Very Nice Review…..

Swapnil Parvatkar says:

u guys forgot to make a note of milage

Pramod Kumar says:

very nice review, please make more for other cars too!

dheeraj singh says:

nice car

Harry Scharma says:

Wow, Good combi Diesel & Petrol Car with New Features.

hkashyp says:

35% more efficient h-type engine mechanism, demo leaks of bike engine with
this mechanism,

Dhruv Dhall says:

Well there are no side impact beams in grand i10 And no ecm display on the
asta variant too for your knowledge

Angshuman Chakrabarty says:

ex showroom sportz price is 556000/-

Kush Wadhwa says:

Wanna buy this car

Utkarsh Saini says:


Anshul Dhiman says:

super review nd super caaaaaar ..

nochet2211 says:

hindi is actually very beautiful when spoken formally

Major Sharma says:

very interesting review .. 10/10 ,,,,

Naveen Reddy says:

Nice review and very informative….

mohammed sanan says:

good bt need to have lights while focusing inside the car

Kabriskhalis says:

What goodies are optional with this car

Mungboi Guite says:

Haha good sales person.

skywalker8687 says:

i really like it…truely indian review…guys good start…..!!!!!!

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