Hyundai Grand i10 1.1 CRDi video review by

Hyundai Grand i10 1.1 CRDi video review by

The Hyundai Grand i10 is a near perfect package, offering good space, great fuel efficiency, a plethora of features and and a premium feel – all at a pretty competitive price. If you’re looking…



CarToqVideos says:
Manish Singh says:

Took a test drive today. The pickup was fine for this size engine. There
was no turbo lag. The car was pretty spacious and I loved the seating

pradeep nayak says:

I have also planned to purchase grand i10 petrol, but m worried about the
battery drain issue, if we keep car idle for a week, the battery gets
completely drained, is that true ?

Ankit Pandey says:

two issues need to be clarified; 1. battery isssue 2. engine noise and

Debajit B says:

As always a great review. As for the car was a bit disappointed to know
that the rear bench doesn’t have a 60:40 split. Can’t fathom why boffins at
Hyundai would leave that out when they went out of the way to increase the
length of the Indian spec car and put in a rear ac vent too. Also some of
the other reviews mentioned a lack of grunt on the highway. Did you notice
any such issue?

Ishan Bansal says:

Awesome car and a great review…Keep it up!

xanderxenius says:

Nice review, thanks 🙂

Priya Patil says:

sexy car

rahul sharma says:

Big disappointment it’s 1.1L 3 cylinder engine.. Less power it’s not meant
for Car Enthusiasts. Space is good look is fine interiors are very good but
Engine is not good

Varun A S says:

really Good review guys…..

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