Hyundai Genesis Coupe Review!

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Review!

For this review I hope in for some KDM love. Finally getting behind the wheel of the Genesis Coupe thanks to my friend Richard, I had a blast driving this on the lovely back roads of my area….



ThatDudeinBlue says:

Thanks for watching dudes!

Imad S says:

I had a 2013 Genesis 3.8 for 10 months and got rid of it 

randomocityvideos says:

I drove a ’14 Genesis 2.0T manual…and I was very unimpressed. The turbo-4
had no guts at all, and I absolutely hated the transmission. I would like
to try another someday though, this specific Genesis seems really sweet.

Also, I’m really not a fan of how the Genesis usually looks, but the subtle
changes this guy made to the car makes it a real looker. The modest drop,
quad exhaust and whatever else he did really makes it stand out.

brandon white says:

So I plan on getting a new car but I can’t decide between an 09 370z or a
11 mustang gt can anyone help me decide 

Garrett Martin says:

I’ve always had a soft spot for this car but the Hyundai brand never
appealed to me. I’m wondering how tough the stock motor is for a bit of
boost. A gt35r on that car with low boost would surely be fun.

Slidin Shadow says:

Hey David I e-mailed you about my Supercharged BRZ!!!

MrGovenator1 says:

Its certainly a fun car to drive fast. Did this one have any issue with the
steering not being center? In mine when driving straight the wheel is
turned to the left slightly. Mine did get rear ended several months ago,
and I can’t figure out if it was like that before or after the accident. I
have had several people look at it and drive it, and they said it drives
great, but I still notice the stupid steering wheel. 

Huss Ali says:

As a previous g35 owner, I really look at the genesis as the poor mans g35
coupe lol….

Shaiyan Hossain says:

I once rode in a Hyundai Elantra. There were lots of amenities and the
interior was pretty good, but the car sounded like it was out of breath and

NathanSwagTaylor says:

Mmm mmm mmm look at you David, reviewing some decent cars. I’m staying

Adam Midghall says:

Great review. It’s a shame we can’t get the genesis in the uk. Will you be
doing another live stream in the future ?

altimgamr says:


nhfalcon says:

Can’t get past the Hyundai badge sorry…..

Feexy says:

After the Genesis, you really should try a veloster turbo! (unns unns unns
blowoffvalve unns unns unns melonbowler up my ass) 

naveenshanv says:

Personally for the money, I would go and get a Touring 370z.

misterdude206 says:

i had a 2011 2.0T r-spec. loved it, but the interior killed me with the
plastic. it had to go.

S Miller says:

Wish they would release it in the UK but the market it probably a lot more
competitive and the Genesis is quite an American tuned car. I would say its
the Korean equivalent of a V6 Mustang, probably what they were aiming for.

Jose Semino says:

This or a 370z?

Alec Her says:

Hyundai is not Japanese! Its Korean!

Alex GT says:

yay a genesis!!!!

MrHess9298 says:

A cheap Hyundai low qualify car cheap parts overall piece of shit 

The Best says:

I drive a 2010 2.0t and I’ve been waiting for this review forever 

ViralHero says:

I currently have a 2006 tiburon gs with extensive cosmetic mods and light
performance mods, I plan on staying in the kdm range so, is a Genises the
way to go? Is it better than the Forte koupe sx or the Veloster Turbo? I
dont really care too much for speed, but more on looks. Should I just keep
my Tibby, and build it up, or drop everything and save for this? The
bluebook value of my car for trade-in is 3K…..


What year is this?

WildAsDaTaliban says:

perfect drop on that korean beast.

ShawnKeem says:

VELOSTER TURBO NEXT TIME!! love this review finally having some kdm love!

TeamEpsilonRacing says:

Too bad I don’t own a car magazine because I would hire you first without a
second thought!

James Tran says:

2013+ has 348 from the factory?

GoofyDaGoofGoofTV says:

my ex gf has a Genesis coupe. not sure which model it was, but that thing
was fast as hell! 

Bryan Doherty says:

That’s the kind of exhaust I’d get on any car. When I want to go fast and
have a loud car it will be loud. When I’m getting home at late at night and
want to be quiet it will be quiet too. 

Zavon Beed says:

Reminds me of a g35

tobz d says:

the new genesis front ends looks like all the Hyundai’s 

Scott Brixey says:

I thought Hyundai was Vietnamese?

TheMagicBambi says:

In the description is it supposed to say “I hop in for some KDM love.” ?

kevin soos says:

I hate the new face lift. 

MakerOfAwesome says:

Gangasta face at 0:28

Ricky Vang says:

the new ones are so ugly

ps31871 says:

Hyundai cars a so shit cars! 

Jaleel Lewis says:

Do a 3.8l review And g37

Saturday Winter says:

I heard really bad things about the trannies in these cars :/ 

94Struan says:

That’s my car :)

BlueHokage says:

You beat everyone’s favorite Subaru wrx fan to the esteemed Hyundai

Declan kot says:

looks kind of like a mom car


Love mine just need to get it lowered 

96jonsson says:

Thinking aboute ever preview some volvo ? Woud be Nice If you did and keep
the good work up bro.

wantsanewvehicle says:

I’d like to have one of these, but would rather have a mustang. I’ve driven
3 or 4 of the 2.0 ones and they were decent (especially 2012+ [? when they
got more hp]). None of those had the performance pack. I then drove a 3.8
with the PP but the salesman went with me and it was a new car so I wasn’t
too hard on it.

Thomas Gardner says:

Put a super charger in it!

Luke Meraz says:

Never really been a fan of the whole kdm scene but Ive always kind of liked
genesis’s lowkey 

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