Hyundai Genesis Coupe review

Hyundai Genesis Coupe review

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe isn’t coming to the UK, but should it? Watch the video to find out what we think of it! Read the full review on Auto Express here -…



R95FTW says:

It’s 7.2 million here in Thailand :(

meow larry says:

UK tax rates are crazy

scanspeak00 says:

Hyundai and Kia are finally getting their shit together. Watch out BMW,
Merc, Audi, Honda.

MS says:

Manual in America???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Stergios-giorgos Tsarouchas says:

Hello first comment

enemay says:

Everycar in the US is cheaper. You say you wish they sold it in the UK, but
I doubt people would buy it even if its good value, a Korean Sports car,
Brits will just snub it.

Mark Ma says:

Why does he pronounce Hyundai as HI-yin-dai

nazhif1 says:

Hyundai is obviously targeting Mustang buyers with the Genesis.

Pawel Keska says:

why someone needs a button for turning off passanger airbags?

Tom Macgillivray says:

This is the first hyundai I’ve ever seen that I haven’t totally despised.
For the price I might even consider it

ianiva says:

Yeah nice car. I think it also comes with a 2.0 litre turbo. Or it used to
I don’t know.

Nick Sacré says:

wtf 20 grand thats insane…same goes for the pony cars relatively cheap in
the states but here in the netherlands you pay around 80 grand for them

Jasper Chang says:

You just don’t buy a Korean car…

Tyler Allen says:

Nobody buys this car in the US. I was surprised they still make it seeing
as you never see people driving them.

ShawJohn31 says:

so £20k only buys you a 1.6 fwd hatch!


£20k for a car is out of reach of most average people in the UK unless they
sign up to borrow the money, for are car that will lose half its value
before they can pay off the first two years of the finance! No wonder the
country and the peoples finances are in the shit state they are in!

Granted we get ripped off in the UK, but be honest!

Le John says:

Your’e saying car in UK is expensive ? Come live in Singapore …… 

Chrstian mrclep says:

You can get It in EU , but its bit rare to find thou.

R-spec on the other hand Is US only, as far I know.

fvgotch says:

Thanks for the review and video! Auto Express is simple the best.

jo23bulls says:

We’ll trade you the genesis coupe for that type r civic. Deal?


dave dunn says:

Yoi should review more cars while you are in the states. check out the
Genesis sedan. 

PremiumBreaking says:

And the gas prices are way lower as well.

Scardis says:

I imagine that if hyundai still sold the coupe in Europe, this is what it
would look like. 

xBuzz996 says:

come live in sweden… Here, diesel cars are more expensive than petrol

William Rutkowski says:

Nice review Mat!

Are there any other vehicles you will be reviewing in the US? How about the
Hyundai Equus or Genesis sedan? I think you’d be impressed with the value
these cars have. 

juanvga says:

Chaep gasoline and no taxes… you welcome 

Mark Rodriguez says:

I doubt the Brits will buy this car bcos the folks here are badge snobs who
look down on Korean cars for no reason. That’s funny considering that the
Brits can’t mass produce a single vehicle on their own. Hyundai/Kia make
some of the most solid and attractive cars in the popular segment but ppl
are plainly ignorant and bigoted.

In the end it’s their loss buying dull-as-ditchwater Nissans, Vauxhalls and
Hondas costing thousands more that are also less reliable.

Alex Mason says:

Nice work Mat. 

TFiPW says:

Give us the VW Sirocco and we’ll give you that. 

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