Hyundai genesis coupe 3 8 vs Nissan GTR35

Hyundai genesis coupe 3 8 vs Nissan GTR35

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jorge romani says:

I’m impress by the genesis, but im gonna blame the driver of the GTR for
this. He was horrible at the corners. Maybe he should have left the
Traction control ON

Tak H says:

Plus this is done by stupid koreans so they probably started the Hyundai
like ten miles ahead

danner wenning says:


Robert Campbell says:

article said it was rhys millen, for one bs. Secondly, its not hard to tell
by the way he was driving that he probably burned through his tires and
decided to post on youtube how bad a driver he is. Granite i’v never been
to the track or drags so I can’t really say shit from own experience just
picking things up from videos does help.

john cardo says:


maplefreak64 says:

Compared with GTR of AWD, the cornering of Hyundai of RWD is quicker?
The answer can consider wearing of a slick tire.
It seems that the chassis and engine of Hyundai have been changed into the
racing car from original.
Nissan fought in a stock. 

Tak H says:

Like are u serious?? GTR cannot be defeated by a crappy ass car called

Brandon B says:

Driver of the GTR doesn’t know what he’s doing. Turning in WAY too early.
if you look at the genesis, he’s hitting his marks all over the track and
runs about the same line every time. The driver of the GTR, however, is all
over the track and in some corners turns in so early that he actually has
to turn back out of the turn before he even enters it(no he was not trying
to counter steer in the points that I am talking about, he was physically
driving out of the turn so he could turn back into it). He simply doesn’t
know how to drive where the driver of the genesis coupe, does.

Brandon Williams says:

Im a fan of the Gen coupe myself but nah the GTR woulda caught him if the
driver didnt suck too bad lol no biggie tho 

frank corpus says:

Gtr driver getting frustrated? Getting sloppy. That gen coupe beast mode!

FSJOKU says:

I feel GTR is becoming like all other super cars
Meaning it’s all about the top speed not the cornering and cornering is
suppose to be the basics of Japanese cars no matter what car and now the
Koreans is topping them slowly
Don’t get me wrong people I love most Asian cars

Richard Cranium says:

Gtr looks sloppy but ill blame the tires. Hankooks are shit tires

279Xander says:

that nissan gtr pulled a cheeky move at 0:57

Joshua Kang says:

Its the driver. Remember although the genesis coupe is nice the Gtr is a
super car of Japan.

vnitto says:

The difference is in the tires. The Genesis has “semi-slick” race tires and
the GT-R has Hankook street tires. The delta in grip between the two sets
of tires is huge. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the driver of the Hyundai is
Rhys Millen.

kickstand8675309 says:

GT-R guy needs way more seat time. Yea he didn’t spin but he needs to learn
to control the car way better.

TribecaSam says:

This guy can’t drive.

Benjamín KDM says:

but the genesis is only staright piped?

Pierre Binette says:

I am impressed !! I have a Gen coupe 3.8 and its very fast and fun on the
track !!

Roberto Perez says:

Dude thanks for the video Genesis impressive as hell!

Raymond Diaz says:

Well it seems like he tried. …

Yasir Sarraf says:

The Genesis is race modified.. why is everyone surprised the GT-R couldn’t
outrun it?

Eric98683 says:

It was just a Nissan sentra with a GtR steering wheel

Benjamín KDM says:

dat beutiful genesis sound

Sunwoo Choi says:

I remember this video clip and I was there too. This was Qualifying LAP and
GTR driver released his throttle a little bit on main straight to see
Millen’s driving. You can see throttle graph on the center monitor(the
middle&bottom graph is Throttle) Anyway, Millen is Good driver I think.

threestripes333 says:

no way the gen is stock

funnyman8921 says:

The genesis was too slow.

희중 김 says:

젠쿱 드라이버가 리즈밀란이라고 이해안됨? 우리나라 아마드라이버가 세계정상급 드라이버를 따라갈수있을꺼 같아? 물론 GTR드라이버가
라인을못타긴 하지만 어쩌것어? 넘사벽인디

TheDereckoneal says:

Gtr is almost race ready package and obvious more powerfull. This genesis
own the track

Texarmageddon says:

epic recoveries by the GTR… as bad as he was all over the place and for
being unprofessional he didnt do too bad..

YS HWANG says:

GTR타고 바보운전 하는구만……

vnitto says:

Also, the GTR is lifting off in the straights, once he gets about 15 yards
behind the Genesis, as someone else pointed out. Look at the gauges in the
center console screen, the upper right one is the throttle position.

David Seong says:

this is a clear evident that what matter is not the car, but the driver
LMAO gen. coupe, whole lot cheaper than GTR, still managing to own the shit
out of GTR LOL wow, GJ Gen. coupe!!

Neverholdback668 says:

rwd is also easier to corner with. awd has to slow down more but gets
better acceleration. win/lose just have to decide whats better for a course

deeznutz05r1 says:

The gtr couldn’t have been more desperate to catch the Hyundai

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