Hyundai Genesis 3.8 vs Porsche 911

Hyundai Genesis 3.8 vs Porsche 911

PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING ! Camera car is a 997 325hp 4wd, tiptronic, and convertible. Its officially the slowest 997 ever produced. Genesis had X-pipe, …



turricanfighter says:

I loved the expression on the guy’s face when he figured out that he was
actually beating the Porsche. It was obvious that he didn’t expect to
overtake the Porsche so easily. Great video!!!

speedtime says:

Don’t try to cheat is a Porsche look at the mirror can take defeat love my
Genesis 4.6 v8 a Porsche ain’t nothing but a expensive Volkswagen

matthew von says:

Troll video lmao I’ve seen genesis lose to si lmao cute pretending they are

T AN says:

911 or 997? This poster is an idiot! He cant get his titles and description
matched. Thumbs down.

slabiciune says:

Where is the Porsche?
Or was your friend driving a KIA?


Those 3.8’s sound like shit compared to a VQ35DE : )

Dacrazy-can says:

i really dont like the fact that they are korean cars ,but im starting to
the genesis v6 , where i live is the best the money can buy

épic charley says:

911? lol what a piece of shit

冬真 says:

As is expected, it is an engine of Mitsubishi

Sloonz says:

Lol everyone bitten xD hyundai isn’t shit anymore.

dkcrxsi says:

People still talk crap about hyundais and kias these days? Hahahaha. Its
not 1999 anymore 

tom carter says:

The Porsche 911 just got killed in action

M18 HELLCAT says:

fck off ugly carrera

八神影狐 says:


romeo martinez says:

Did the porsche know you were racing? 

Impala Daily says:

When a Hyundai beats your Porsche, it’s time to trade it in.

Glass-Man-252 says:

Lol this is what happens when you run leaded fuel in a Porsche…..

jason samuel says:

had to of been a knock off Porsche 

Alphafox46 says:


12345tou says:

@0.16 is proof that he just smoked a porsche lol!! that look on his face

redberan1 says:

both auto???? wow, who are you people buying auto sports cars!!!!! fuck off
and get out of cars please!!!!

Alien Xing says:

you guys arent reading the description.

Cuzzy J says:

The kids face in the Hyundai was overjoyed just when he started passing him
like he found a twinkie in his pocket.

Trevor J Kelly says:

BULL SHIT! Your damn Hyundai is making what 315-320hp down? Weighs 3,000+
lbs? Yeah.. I have a 95 EJ2 356hp on the ground weighing about 2,300lbs iv
raced multiple 911’s and Hyundai’s. Your Hyundai can’t pull like that 

Norm Cutter says:

about the only thing on the road that can beat my 5 liter Hyundai off the
line is a big rice rocket bike,…what’s great is that it’s a sleeper
car,..I get Beamers all the time just looking at my tail lights receding
off into the future distance.

David Kinneary says:

i would like to call bull shit… i love the gen coupe but its not faster
then a porsche and if it is then who is stupid enough to by that slow of a

MaximusMXCIIVII says:

Boom boom boom boom!

Jo Ho says:

no way he had to have let him win

Marty DeLeon says:

haha his face 

Brandon Williams says:

Smh damn why do ppl take comments on YouTube to the heart . Its not that
serious ppl I am a Porsche fanatic I love everything about them but ay it
is what it is it got beat n thats just how the dice roll when you take a
cheap Korean car as a joke Hyundai is doing bigger n better things now a
days with that Gen coupe shit Im bout to get me one fuxk it lol great
performance for a half decent price ill take it

bliglum says:

How embarrassing.

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