Hyundai Elite i20 VS Maruti Suzuki Swift VS Volkswagen Polo | Comparison Test | Autocar India

Hyundai Elite i20 VS Maruti Suzuki Swift VS Volkswagen Polo | Comparison Test | Autocar India

Kartikeya Singhee pits three popular hatchbacks against one another. Which one will emerge the better package? Find out!. Autocar India is your one stop sour…



Rahul Wadhwa says:

Low Maintenance and Dependable – Swift
Styling, Interior and Comfort – Hyundai i20
Best Drivers Car, Well Built – Polo 

J C Bose Kantipudi says:

Not fair, while I agree that Elite i20 back seat space/comfort is better
than Polo, is that what decides best car in your review over and above
safety, how can you simply overlook the safety? Polo is the best in Safety
department. All Polo models (right from base trendline) are 4-star NCAP
safety rated. Elite i20 gets only 3 star and that too only for top-end,
while all lower models of i20 are less safer and probably 0 rated I think,
Do note that ‘Hyundai Australia’ itself rejected Indian manufactured
Hyundai Elite i20 citing below par safety, it was in news recently.
Airbags are available on all models of VW Polo, which is huge advantage and
ABS is also available from mid-version onwards, where as in Elite i20 &
Swift you must opt for top-end Asta/Zdi to get both airbags & ABS.
The catch is, Hyundai is forcing customers buy fancy stuff like power
folding mirrors, start/stop system, etc, if an informed customer want to go
for a model having basing safety of airbags & abs.
How many Asta models of i20s you see on road? when compared to Sportz &
Magna, very less, isnt it? similarly, in the case of Swift how many Zdi/Zxi
you see onroad compared to Vdi/Vxi. Its high time that customers also need
to understand that ABS is much more useful feature than probably power
folding mirrors and that safety features (ABS & airbags) can not be fitted
as aftermarket accessories.
You got a great opportunity to educate the customers about the importance
of safety through these wonderful reviews, I request you to please do so.
Just for analogy:
A VW Polo 1.5 TDI Comfortline (with both airbags & abs) probably costs same
as Elite i20 magna (i.e., WITHOUT abs & airbags), but still most of the
Indian customers (as numbers suggest) go with i20 magna, right? why?
because most of the customers think abs & airbags are not required if they
drive carefully, why? you guessed it right…. because Hyundai/Maruti sales
persons might have told them that way :)

Caayotee says:

@Naveen Kumar : The Brio is a joke honestly. At the expense of sounding too
sexist, if there is one car which shouts ‘Ladies only’ from the looks of
it, it has to be the Brio. Not to forget, it is a segment below the Polo,
Swift and i20 Elite. The proper match from Honda would be the upcoming
Jazz, for which we’ll have to wait. And it might..just might trump all
three here with its combination of great looks, space and performance. Lets
hope Honda doesnt eff-up the pricing again.


y dont u Include Bolt in this comparo?????
I think it has all the essence what these three has.
Swift may be cheaper and launched a decade ago if you graph the
technical improvement with the other two it way behind. Which shows the
swift is not improvising (and they say a face lift)
on the other hand take bolt, punto, polo, i20 there is atleast a minimal

Dhananjayan Kausshik says:

My vote for the Polo… Great interiors, classiness and quality with
awesome power.
The Swift, although a bit old and un-premium, is the most enjoyable, easy
and cheapest in this trio.
The Elite felt like a toy in my hand…and I didn’t enjoy even a bit while
driving it. It has ZERO driver involvement and pleasure. It also looks
ugly to me.
I expect another big comparo with the Tata Bolt, given it has the good
things of all these cars.

Rudresh Pramanik says:

No Punto? thats because it thumps others in ride, handling, Steering,
breaking and looks. Only Polo beats punto in Engine dept.

Bharat Garg says:

Should have taken swift facelift for this test! :(

Mohammed Asif Syed Makandar says:

I was wating for this reveiw for a long time,, I own a polo, have to tell
you, even tough you have better features in Elite i20, but you wouldn’t buy
a car for features. First purpose of buying a car is to take you from point
A to B, Safely and with power, That’s why i feel Polo wins it over and
over. You will not want to get out of the drivers seat.. but the rear seat
is still cramped.

Anish Ahuja says:

haha swift best ride. what joke. it has to be the polo

rajTrondhjem10 says:

Five most important things to look for in a car for Indian driving
1) ABS for safety
2) High ground clearance (at least 165 mm) to clear speed bumps
3) Rear parking sensors
4) Automatic gears (AMT/CVT) for effortless and stress-free driving
5) Automatic A/C for convenience and comfort

rishav dazzler says:

I own a volkswagen vento diesel highline model 1.6L tdi and an elite i20
1.4Lcrdi ASTA version ….and I must say i20 is a fun to drive car and
gives you a great feel to be in … where on other hands vento is much
safer and performance is unmatchable …both the cars are good in its own
ways … but i20 has a heavy side in terms of features and looks :)

Shanu Sapcotta says:

why not fiat punto evo? :/

Govind A Nair says:

Love to c Bolt n punto in this comparison

btarunr says:

If only Maruti launches a Swift ZDi+ variant with 90PS/200Nm VGT diesel
motor, LED DRLs, 2-tone diamond-cut alloys, and rear disc-brakes (from its
Australia variant), i20 and Polo will have to pack their bags and leave.

Subodh Ranjan says:

Swift doesnt come even close to i20 in terms of features……

And nothing even comes. to Polo. In terms of engine performance……….

#Only a personal perspective. Based on the test drivez…….

pawas dayal says:

would have loved to see Fiat Punto Evo in the midst of this comparo!!

Naveen kumar says:

Should have considered Brio for this test as well.. 

Satya Singh says:

Hey guys, any suggestion on which one to buy: i20 elite sportz or Swift

Harikrishnan goku says:

But this is unfair where the hell is punto evo. It has 90 hp,fantastic ride
and handling, good interiors and has a similar price tag like polo. This
comparison is incomplete

Ganessan B says:

As a Maruti owner – hats off to low maintenance 

Sandeep Gangadharan says:

Scared the Bolt would steal the show?

hareesh asupally says:

u would have taken pollo gt

Vignesh V says:

Swift-Show Stopper

Autocar India says:
green boy says:

could you give comparison review to the pertrol version of the three cars
(Elite i20 ,POLO & SWIFT).

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