Hyundai Elite i20 Test Drive Review – Autoportal

Hyundai Elite i20 Test Drive Review – Autoportal

Hyundai seems to have nailed the premium segment with its latest i20. Few cars offer as much equipment and cabin space as the all-new Hyundai i20. It’s hard …



Dhananjayan Kausshik says:

Don’t judge the looks by your taste only…
To me, the front looks ugly and meek… the previous gen car was much
Interiors seems to be inspired by BMW (not a prob) and excess beige on top
doesn’t look good.
What about Highway performance, ride and handling ji??
Need a more detailed review!

Reddylion says:

good car ! plastic bit on c pillar, not to my taste ! 16 inch alloys are
perfect, compared to 14,15’s offered by other makes; some say europe got 18
inches, but 16 inches is perfect to me & most !. only thing hyundai is
missing on is 7 inch touch screen. nevertheless still South koreans did a
very good job !

lawry010 says:


Attitude is everything says:

Awesome revie… Please make a comparison video too 🙂 thnx 

Attitude is everything says:


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