Hyundai Elite i20 Review : PowerDrift

Hyundai Elite i20 Review : PowerDrift

Hyundai’s new Elite i20 has changed from being a #MadeInIndia for the world product, to a car that made its world debut here in India. How good is this new c…



PowerDrift says:

Hyundai’s new Elite i20 has changed from being a #MadeInIndia for the world
product, to a car that made its world debut here in India. How good is this
new car? We find out.

Suriya S says:

once again a awesome review guys…..

Reddylion says:

good review .

Supreet Sachdeva says:

powerdrift wat a drifting AV, i20 looks like a really good grab. Pls take
care of ur hand Mr. Rohan, I really like ur reviews.

Rick Banerjee says:

i was really bored watching the video review of the i20 by other channels.
All of them were boring like hell. talking about stuff that i generally
don’t care about cause I got car which is above this segment. However the
reason why I was hoping for +powerdriftofficial to make a video can be seen
clearly by watching this.. We don’t need renuka kriplani and the odmag
people anymore. Their videos seem more like from the 90s. +
powerdriftofficial does embellish each and every detail of this car in such
a tremendous and attractive manner that even a Hyundai hater might end up
buying this car. You guys rock. As I said in one of my old comments, you
really are bringing top gear home.. Thanks guys. Keep making such awesome
content. However I am looking forward to the GLA video being redone by
Tenhunt. 🙂 Peace

Vivek Kl says:

and i have booked one :D

Anil T.V says:

i would still go the normal version of i20….this looks ugly for MY eyes
(seen it on the road too) :-(

sanith kumar says:

07.54 no control at all

sangram007ify says:

Nice Review ! Hyundai i20 is the best Hatchback at least for a time Being
petrol or diesel does not matter & Those Drifts awesome @ 10 Hut 

Ram Gopal says:

Saw the car on display at a mall in bangalore…. the 16′ stood out
definately…. and features list takes a life time to read…. so many to
boast abt….
This car is totally sci fi.. especially the mirrors….

Kaushik Biswas says:

Wow!! A very nice car!!

akhil gopi says:

As usual,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,STUNNING……

Sheikh Mohammed Ilham says:

Love the ‘power’ Drift… 😛 Thumbs up!!! (y)

shrikant shivtarkar says:

waiting for mine……

Gopi Raj Mamidi says:

That drift!! 

Vaibhav Patil says:

Review video came after a long gap. But way to go guys. Great Work again

Ajay Kumaran says:

love dat drift <3 ... awesome guys !!!

Rishu Raj Sharma says:

You are so late on this one…. Was waiting for it for a long time. Thanx
for uploading.

siddharth bahuja says:

Hi team,
I need to buy an new petrol hatch, confused between elite i20 Magna and i10
grand sportz…
Please recommend..

srinivas laveti says:

Tremendous job guys!! Especially the drifts are too good. Keep going.

rino raj says:

seriously ??? Drifting ?? U guys reviewed this bad girl, like a dream !!
awesome , AWESOME review !!

Anson Thomas says:

Only thing lacking is the day time running LED’S! How could they miss
that?! :/

Ishan Asthana says:

amazing review …. but a lot more could had been added about the exterior
which comes up as the biggest selling point of this car , even the older
version did wonders for Hyundai ‘coz of the overall package the company
gave which was fantastic and boy is it even more awsome now . :)

shahbaz patel says:

Fantastic Review PD, as always you guys ain’t no biased.

Revealing on PD, I am waiting for mine… 🙂

once again an excellent review.

Azhar Mahimi says:

Oh a special cheers to I hope Ten for the beautiful drift. That made me go
like, “wish I was in that car right now”

Ashwanth R says:

Hey … Very Good review !!! Can u tell me where this road is ? 🙂 Is it in
Tamil Nadu ?

Mintu Kumar says:

Do you guys have plan for reviewing fiat punto evo
It would be interesting comparison b/w i20 elite and punto evo

Jeswanth Vuyyuru says:

Your reviews might be little late but they are, definitely, worth the wait.
Love the picturization and the quality of the videos is better than most of
the international shows.

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