Hyundai Elite i20 | First Drive Video Review | Autocar India

Hyundai Elite i20 | First Drive Video Review | Autocar India

Hyundai’s Elite i20 is the latest generation of Hyundai’s premium hatchbacks. Following its global unveil in India, it’s been launched with a 1.2-litre Kappa…



SalveMonesvol says:

2:54 Somebody explain, please.

Dhananjayan Kausshik says:

Looks terrific?/ You can’t conclude that for yourself! I find the front to
be weird and dull! The current i20 looks much better than this CD slot like
grille. Disappointed by Hyundai!
The rear bumper also doesn’t suit the overall rear design.
Cabin looks like a mix of some BMWs and the Grand i10. Also too much beige
on dash-top.
Equipment levels seems to be good, but for 9.5 lacs on road, there are lots
of other, more practical bigger cars.

Aditya Pradeep says:

Better than the polo…

Tinu Jos says:

Booked an elite i20 petrol red ! 

siva vikram says:

i am going with fiat punto evo multijet

DanyPrasad T K says:

no rain sensing viper, 6 airbag to 2, no day time running light? rear viper
on high end model :(

Anirudh Ghodeshwar says:

Does the engine noise from the diesel motor filter through???

Dr.Nidhin Dev says:

am going with vw polo tdi

Pramod Kn says:

Engine is a disaster (petrol),does’n pull in second gear on straight
road.And with diesel you really need to wait a long time for turbo to wake
up,no driving pleasure just a sporty looking car. 

rahul palshikar says:

ride quality not good as compare swift

soumyadeep ghosh says:

Is it still underpowered like the older i20

shivanand noola says:

no 4 disc brake even in top end variant no cruse control 

Autocar India says:
Ashray Panwari says:
Debonair_13 says:

One thing is there in i20 is that its full of excellent features.In the
previous model,ground clearance was low and smaller rims.I hope Hyundai
have worked on it.

Stephen She says:

The design of the front copied VW polo, and the side copied citroen

What’s hyundai trying to do?? 

Darpan Thanki says:

Hyundai Elite i20 | First Drive Video Review | Au…:


I Test drove elite i20 asta petrol version..The cons in this car is 1)Even
if you adjust seat height to max extent left corners are hardly visible,
where as in older i20 left corners visibility is very good. 2) Front side
design of this car is not that good compared to old i20. 3)Dashboard is not
that stylish as in old i20..old i20’s dashboard is the best..!!

deepak mohapatra says:

If compare grandi10 with elite i20 which one is good to go?I am bit
confused between two of this..

Chandrashekar Dhulappanavar says:

finally some good adjust,emts !!!!!!!!thanku Renu maam for the wonderful

S Saji says:

Hyundai Elite i20 | First Drive Video Review | Au…:

Kush Gupta says:

Hyundai is improving thier styling and features as time goes by, this car
looks like the next gen hatchback with decent enough “usable” features. I
am from mumbai, and not having a cruise control option doesn’t bother me (
due to our unpredictable traffic conditions ) this car seems to be good in
looks and fuel efficiency as well. And the DRL feature suits luxurious cars
such as the mercs audis and bmws to be honest. They’ve also given good
legroom space for passengers on the back seat. Thanks renuka for giving an
early and 1st review for the elite i20. Good job as usual. 

Saurabh Kk says:

Very good review

Sachin Nambiar says:

It doesn’t make sense when safety is compromised . Indian govt should make
airbags mandatory and rest all is secondary !!!.It’s not worth the deal
!!!! Rather I would prefer a German or Japanese manufacturer !!!!!

ns100ful says:

waiting for automatic model

Tirupathi Reddy says:

this is my first car, booked i20 asta petrol after lot of comparisons..

קארטיוב says:

As Always, great review by Autocar India. 

Debonair_13 says:

How much is the ground clearance?


good review and expecting comparison between elite i20 vs 2014polo and
2014 punto

Attitude is everything says:

Top speed of petrol engine please? 

Amos Maymon says:

A good overview Professional really 

Aashish Gehlot says:

Looks like my home town jodhpur…great review….waiting eagerly for you
to give us the comparison b/w vw new polo 1.5 tdi, punto evo, and elite i20

Nikhil Anil kumar says:

This is going to be my first car!

suresh reddy kudumula says:

Good Review:)

Tilak Muthanna says:

great review… :)

Anubhav Sanganeria says:

like always!.. the best car review at de earliest!

karanpreet singh says:

was eagerly w8ing for your review… thanks a lot.. love this car.. :D

Shrey Sethi says:

Booked stardust coloured Asta CRDI! 

navdeep singh says:

Seriously Awesome review. Renuka mam
Waiting for hatch comparison For vw polo tdi, i20 elite, fiat punto evo…

lawry010 says:

Accurate and lively video as always.

lawry010 says:

Thanks. been a fan of your channel for a long time now.

6996Kishan says:

Love your work

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