Hyundai Elite i20 Asta video review

Hyundai Elite i20 Asta video review

The new Hyundai Elite i20 showcases the company’s Fluidic 2.0 design philosophy. The changes are mainly cosmetic and have added to the looks of the car. How …



lawry010 says:

Short Sweet and Superb. The Review I mean. That’s what i love about CarToq
and Roshun. The intricate attention to detail. I thought for the price
Hyundai is asking there would be rear disk breaks, fuel efficiency display
and run away locks. The previous i20 had it didn’t it. Thanks pointing that

Reddylion says:

short could have been longer vid; no they can’t,should never do away
with reverse camera and push-button ignition; what they should do is offer
both air bags in all variants and as you mentioned MID with FE display &
disk in the rear for better bite. which is good polo or this !

nameer km says:

Hi cartoq, iam a great fan of your reviews they are always short,
informative and honest car advises…but unfortunately dis review is not up
to the mark…very short and skipped lot of areas like backseat
comfort,handling,engine,seats…etc and felt lot of hurry to
conclude..whyy?.. i am sure that you people will hear my suggetion and we
are waiting for youe honest reviews thank you…

chinmay kulkarni says:

Guys u r the last to review this car.
I belive the car was driven on the 19th of last month. 

Suresh Utham says:

Waiting for Scorpio 2014 review…

Shorya95 says:

bad review

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