Hyundai Elantra GT Road Test & Review by Drivin’ Ivan Katz

Hyundai Elantra GT Road Test & Review by Drivin’ Ivan Katz

Drivin’ Ivan Katz reviews the 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT. Check out all of his videos and reviews here: Read all of his articles and…



rick pettry says:

Hyundai has absolutely no customer service at all. Got no response from my
complaints. Poor BUISNESS skills. The warranty is that great. If you miss
one of there many services. They can void that part of the warranty. My car
has been in the shop again and tbey cant fix it. And there 100,000 mile.
Warranty only covers the power train. You need to Spend another $ 2,500.00
to. Cover there electrical problems. Really not a good buy. You dont need
the warranty with a honda they just work better. The Elantra is a $
16,000.00 car. Selling for 20 k. Why would anyone want that. Di a side by
side comparison on resale value. The Elantra comes in the lowest. Subaru
came in one of the highest in the same class. Civic came in a $ ‘1,000.00
higher. Edmunds rested the Elantra lower than the civic FOCUS and the Mazda
3. The focus came in last to me in comfert. Just cant get past tbe road
noise and rattling in the Elantra. 

roof pizza says:

Why would one need an aircon vent in the glovebox?

DAL138 says:

Looks good except for the ugly grille.

Mike Smith says:

HONDA equals NO problems until 400,000 miles in the USA, however, the
Hyundai for quality just is not there. The rear seats are just distractions
to get you away from properly built, Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Nissan to
name a few.

Doug N. says:

I own a new GT. The highway ride is very relaxed quiet and comfortable.
Cornering is flat and predictable with the upgrade tires. The 1.8 is
adequate but thats all. Its fine off the line but not so great for passing
on a 2 lane. Not scary but give yourself a few seconda to spool up speed.
The engine does have a nice growl but refined. I really like it.

Barry R says:

It looks great and I’m sure it’s a great car. Having owned one of the first
Kia Forte Koup’s, they make good cars, but I’d buy slightly used to avoid
the HUGE depreciation associated with Hyundai/KIA. It’s a shame they
depreciate so much that first year, they really are nice, comfortable and
dependable cars. They just haven’t been dependable long enough yet to
retain their value like Toyota, Nissan and Honda.
I think I’m going to opt for a used 2014 with the new 2.0L engine option.
It should have more gusto.
Thanks for all of your reviews. They’re very honest and up front. I also
don’t know where you film your videos, but it’s a beautiful area of the
Keep up the good work!

Doug N. says:

The ride is relaxed and comfortable on the highway. Smooth and quiet at all
times. The engine although a bit weak does have a nice low key growl and
adequate performance.
Yep. I own this car. I love it.

drivinivankatz says:

I really liked the Elantra GT. It’s not a typical small car ride, I’d say
its a bit more comfortable than the average small car. The handling is
surprisingly good, I was impressed! Drivin’ Ivan

drivinivankatz says:

Sure, keep watching and subscribe. I’m sure I’ll test it in the future…
Thanks! Drivin’ Ivan

liptonx says:

Hi! Nice review! Are you going to make one for the new golf 7?

usvc1 says:

What’s the suspension and ride like?

supercooled says:

This is a nice car… no need to “let’s find out”. One look and you know it
is very good.

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