Hyundai Accent Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

Hyundai Accent Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

FOR PRICING & SPECS ON THIS CAR VISIT: The Hyundai Accent competes in the competitive sub-compact cate…



Bao Nguyen says:

Four speakers but NO radio??!

solarwind1980 says:

Well even with the Honda Civic, the base model does not come with a radio
or an air conditioner (DX trim). You have to equip your car with a higher
trim to get these things. That’s not unique to Hyundai, but unique to cars
under $20k where people want to save money on everything.

DAVID Y says:

Lack of cup holders for rear passengers is a deal breaker and Hyundai
hasn’t addressed this for 2013 model.

Garret Albertson says:

The Accent is a great car, oh a to the idiot who said the Accent doesn’t
have a radio why don’t you look.

Protector of the Republic says:

@cb7pwn Don’t forget the Europeans !

Brad James says:


OscarMaris says:

this is a cool car though.

robins1818 says:

Hyundai is the best thesedays..

datboiwes333 says:

Oh so now all of a sudden people like the Sonic. When they uploaded those
car show vids on the Sonic everybody talked shit on it (including me).
People don’t know what the hell they want.

s0nnyburnett says:

No radio standard? Wut

dorkvader1881 says:

Keep in mind the additional cost required by synthetic oil, premium gas,
and premium maintenance costs, not to mention lower gas mileage.

buzzingbee25 says:

@123gwf Don’t stop dreaming though. You never know….

marshknute says:

The Sonic will be just as poorly built as the rest of Chevy’s lineup. If
you are looking for a cheap hatchback, nothing beats the Mazda 2 with a
5-speed manual.

jay kim says:

Hyundai is getting better than before:-)

awesomeness2571 says:

i don’t the look of the back…

tungol00 says:

Id rather have the versa over all the competitors in its class its cheaper
it has the best looks too in my opinion

dorkvader1881 says:

I suppose if you’re financially stable, though I doubt anyone considering
to buy a Hyundai Accent is much more than frugal.

jay kim says:

Hyndai is getting better than before 🙂

ktonlai says:

4 speakers but no radio? i think he means satellite radio or BT streaming…

InsurgenceRX says:

I’d much rather have a sonic

Teeeshmedia says:

thought it was the 5th generation not the 4th. I have the 2nd gen 🙂

Vulgora says:

i prefer sonic

techdude6693 says:

@EarlGrantMiller The sentra is nice but the new Versa Sucks.. 109 HP w/ a
CVT? no thanks, I’d rather have the 138HP and 6-speed in the accent

shaggyusm26 says:

@bradmax39 Honda Fit>=Fiesta>Sonic>Rio>Accent

knack0125 says:

Sonic seems like a better buy to me, A/C, remote keyless entry, power
windows are all standard as well as alloy rims. So if you spec theme both
to lowest trim but matched options, this I think is more expensive. I do
like it better then the Elantra however. Just put a few more “dents” in it
and that should make everyone want to buy it. ^^

conceptcs says:

@b0wnguyen316 haha i didnt get that too. speakers but no radio….wtf

JuanPonceDeLeon says:

Nissan all day…. Can you say versa or sentra?

adrian macias says:

the 2012 kia rio is better

ladyyuna2000 says:

so cute i am getting a hyundai accent hatchback

shaggyusm26 says:

Honda Fit: Really the only car I’d consider in this car segment.

DoctorNumber46 says:

Forget what they say about this car, it’s actually pretty good to drive.
The engine is pretty fantastic, as is the shifter – you don’t even know
it’s there. It can also corner pretty well, even on the standard steelies,
although it’s not going to set record lap times. To be honest, if I had to
get a subcompact nowadays, it’d be this. I’ve driven the Fiesta and I
definitely don’t like it as much – you spend more to get less. Furthermore,
it feels better made than a Fiesta.

Tuppoo94 says:

Yeah, but this will never break down and gets better fuel mileage.

ormand3000 says:

Take THAT Kim Jong! 🙂

djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

lol i didnt even know the accent passed the american market…

PussMag says:

QUALITY REALLY SUCK, not all hyundai but this. CHEAP AS F but the Pros is
you get Hybrid Gas mile, it easily beats the CRZ with 2extra doors.

gencoupe30 says:

To keep the costs down, Hyundai makes the Accent available with speakers if
a person wants to have a radio installed later. It’s basically an ad car.
We use it to show a customer a price of 13,990, and a payment of 129/mo.
Yes, I am a sales representative, lol! There are not many of those
available, though.

hawkermustang says:

The Ford is better.

123gwf says:

For all the Lamborghini and Ferrari videos I’ve watched, THIS is probably
the sort of car I’ll end up driving. Life sucks.

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