Hyundai Accent review from Consumer Reports

Hyundai Accent review from Consumer Reports

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Piano Chrono says:

“You actually have to put the key in to unlock the door” I understand
keyless entry is cool and all but… really haha we’ve become too lazy..

onenikkione says:

so far I am very pleased with my 2013 Accent it has 21,000 miles. I do
agree the seat padding “is a little thin”, as he states, but I got it new
for $16,900 and it’s loaded. I really like the shiftronic 6 speed
transmission. most of the time I leave it in (D) drive while driving but
there are times when I drive it like it’s a stick.

Ibrahem Yacdhan says:

Best deal I’ve ever get I love my 2013 accent

Jonathan Thomas says:

i’m geting my accent near the end of the year!

StarshipNormandy7421 says:

my 2008 accent has been without a doubt one of the best cars i have ever
owned my mpg is not great about 28 combined but im not an easy driver the
only issue i ever had was with 1 dealer service Dept in my area tried to
lie to me about plugs a good car should never have to go back only reason i
took mine for a timing belt was 265 bucks to get another 40k otherwise i
would have ignored it

StarshipNormandy7421 says:

thats funny i

legaladvocate71 says:

No way, no way. Don’t buy it you will be sorry especially with their
service. Since 2004 o 2013 Hyundai and Kia were named in 57 lawsuits in the
California Central District with 30 of those cases still pending. See the
Pacer website and my website. As far as 40 MPG, who told you that lie?

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