Hyundai Accent 2012 Test Drive & Car Review by RoadflyTV with Elizabeth Kreft

Hyundai Accent 2012 Test Drive & Car Review by RoadflyTV with Elizabeth Kreft

Host: Elizabeth Kreft Vehicle: 2012 Hyundai Accent SE



Sultan Sikandar says:

i love u elizabeth :P

Kelly Phillips says:

I would like to say She was a Great Spokes person for this little video .
She did a great job. Just now looking to get a New Car ………
I’m now looking to see what’s coming out for the 2014 Accent . 

Roadfly Automotive Network says:

Grim Reaper says:

Only thing that is missing in this car is a Nav unit.

Highly Porsche says:

i wanna learn more about u

benjmiester says:

Not bad. I bet hyundai is pissing off other ‘cheap’ car makers by going too
far upmarket. It looks pretty good in a hatch too. Better than the sedan I
think. Accent coupe maybe? That’d be kind of cool

mcheddadi says:

DONA = Elizabeth

Martin Smith says:

The only reason I would consider a subcompact is MPG yet most of them get
the same fuel economy as compacts. Why bother?

harlowe espina says:

Indeed she is very attractive and I appreciate a pretty gal like her self
driving manual. Having said that… The Hyundai accent is quite compelling!

Zhar Aditya says:

love the voice very much

avlisk says:

I was suspicious of a 6 speed automatic, figuring it would probably be
hunting for the right gear all the time. Was I ever wrong! The engine-A/T
in this car is what the kids call “sweet”. So much power that I’ve even
turned on the ECO mode for around town. It’s smooth, quiet, powerful, and
still uuuulgy. I’ve opened the garage door so I can keep looking at the car
sitting there to try and get used to the look. Help, my car is melting!

bmwmsport11 says:

The rear end shape screams 1995-2003 hyundais Lol.

Anderson says:

sweetest car reviewer i have ever seen

khunopie says:

If you put a big set of tits on Ross, he would be my favorite reviewer

Bora Chreng says:

It’s hard to say as Hyundai has only recently started the push to change
their image. It certainly offers a lot of standard features though. Things
like a direct-injected engine, 6 speeds (regardless transmssion), disc
brakes on all tires often aren’t available on the small cars offered by
Honda, Toyota and Nissan.

David Malinovsky says:

This car looks great, likely has good real world fuel mileage and seems to
have low road noise. A drawback is the rear visibility. It would be on my
list of possible new car candidates.

dy17tennis says:

good job. thank u!

WesSeid says:

Consumer Reports got 44mpg highway with their Accent/Rio. (And got 39mpg
highway with their Elantra.) I read one guy lost like 5mpg after hitting an
animal and the aerodynamics of the front bumper were messed up.

Sanath A says:

Great smile..I am sold.

duelee says:

Elizabeth is hot!

DAVID Y says:

This Accent Hatch feels bigger inside than my 03 Focus ZX5 which is 6
inches longer.

RPG Entertainment says:

she’s pretty actually 🙂

wizeguiz says:

Great review Elizabeth! You’re my fave!…….Sorry Emme! 🙂

thebigwarthog says:

I like Elizabeth’s style more than Emmie’s hyperactive ADHD style which
just doesn’t work for me. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

ganthc says:

I liked the review. She could have talked about actual fuel economy she got
while driving it, did she get the epa numbers? Also, talk about the stereo
and features a little bit more. I have laughed at the voice comments. I did
find myself smiling throughout the car review, for no other reason than she
sounds so happy in the video…even when she’s listing out the negatives on
the car.

NoShadowOfDoubt1 says:

Kia and Hyundai …. good looks but no quality.

shanelpn says:

cute brother

avlisk says:

Still looks more like my2002 Rio.Love the outtakes. If I were that fence, I
would have been worried. The 40MPG-thing scares me. I figure they gear
their transmissions to obtain that magic number, which destroys the
real-world performance of the car in daily around-town driving. When I see
40MPG, I run the other way. It’s one reason I’m looking at the 4 speed
automatic Yaris. Light weight equals great MPG and they didn’t succumb to
the 40 MPG hype. What do you guys think of my hypothesis? Thanks.

sanerm says:

Lady was better than car. I watched her 🙂

FoodyTunes says:

Sorry what? No stereo in the base car?

2fast4all says:

@USA4July1776 Last time I checked, this is a great car.

nfusco618 says:

You have the sweetest voice.

richardb2837 says:

I want to buy, but in a semi dark blue

David Malinovsky says:

I think because in real world driving situations the smaller cars will get
better FE. So far the owners on are averaging 33.5mpg with
a range of 24-42 for the Accent and 29.2 mpg with a range of 20-38 for the
Elantra. Not purely scientific, but it may show something. Plus a lot of
the compacts don’t come in hatchback form.

Turbosaunderground says:

share the same platform 🙂

Moby Dick says:

I wouldn’t say hot…she’s okay, maybe meh.

buildmorefarms100 says:

Elizabeth seems more genuine/less in love with herself vs Emme Hall

Nathan Kendall says:

I personally like the sedan better… Great review though as always!

flammnkta says:

Sexy… Boots.

LeonLaceration says:


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