Honda Vezel vs Hyundai Tucson



CheesyTV says:

HR-V is much better looking. Fully painted wheel arches and bumpers, not
stupid grey plastic like on the ix35. Better looking tail lights with a
unique design. Much more presence.

Piumantha Abeysingha Arachchi says:

This is not a fair comparison..HONDA’s unbeatable when compared with Korean
made ones

Rini Salmiarni says:

HONDAvsHYUNDAI so alone wae cinta banget keduanya karena motto

siew ramochan says:

a bit ridiculous to compare a totally new design vehicle ,,to one that has
been around a few years,,,,Honda may be better but Hyundai does some pretty
ok design and quality for a relatively new company,,,,,

Mark Atkinson says:

Honda anyday, looks more modern and will win in term of reliability.

abel murrieta noa says:

honda es un fierraso

Shawn Tan says:

It an insult to Honda Owner when comparing korea made car like Kia or
Hyundai . Phew

MrJosheaFilmz says:

The back view of the Vezel is similar to the one Toyota Venza has.

Kelvin1484 says:

I am fans of Honda anyway, but I thinks this comparison is not fair.
Hyundai Tucson is to be compared with bigger SUV like Honda CRV, Vezel is
more like compact SUV and is comparable to Nissan Juke 

breakdownlk says:

Anyway ,i like Honda design .

Joshtin Comendador says:

Is the Honda Vezel an SUV or a CUV?

Manwell says:

once this comes to america…. this is gonna sell like hot cakes lol. 

Mic Vo says:

Can you do a comparison between the Honda Vezel and Toyota Rav4? Vezel vs
Honda Fit?

Roberto Paulino says:

Estou enganado ou esse comparativo é entre o iX35 x Vezel? Esse carro da
Hyundai está parecendo mais com o ix35 do que a Tucson.

Nicholas wisata says:

name of the song please

Rudy Japan says:

Honda rules.

Adam X says:

Thanks for the video. FIT vs Vezel video would be much appreciated! Thanks
so much!

uoo koo says:

What music? 

hugi kristianto says:

vezelthe winner

hentaisagami says:

Very nice!

Adam X says:

Thanks for the video. FIT vs Vezel video would be much appreciated! Thanks
so much!

Prasad Wijaayalath says:

good vedio

Pramith Jayawardena says:

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