Honda Odyssey vs Toyota Sienna – Edmunds A-Rated Minivans Face Off

Honda Odyssey vs Toyota Sienna – Edmunds A-Rated Minivans Face Off

Two cars and two editors Face Off: the Honda Odyssey vs the Toyota Sienna. Editors James Riswick and Mike Monticello debate the merits of each mi…



Evander Smart says:

1. The Toyota Sienna has more passenger space and more cargo space.
2. The Sienna does costs less in L trim than any Honda Odyssey.
3. Sienna offers AWD, which you cannot get on the Odyssey
4. Odyssey offers a vacuum cleaner, which you cannot get on the Sienna
5. The middle seat in the second row is light and easily stored in the
side of the Sienna. In the Honda, it is heavy and cannot be taken with you
without eating cargo room.
6. Minor details like replacing the battery in the Honda requires you
removing the engine air intake. Plus the Sienna’s manual shift ability on
the transmission.
7. The Sienna’s sliding (almost 2 feet) second row captain’s chairs and
extending footrests are ultra cool (if really meant for kids). Honda has
8. As they said in the video, the Sienna rides better than the Odyssey,
unless you get the SE, which handles better than the Odyssey.
9. Sienna has a standard Driver’s Knee airbag for leg protection. Honda
does not.
10. Toyota Care is standard on the Sienna, giving you 2 years or 25k miles
in Roadside assistance, oil changes and tire rotations, plus engine and
maintenance checks by Toyota nationwide. Definitely an expensive option
for the Honda.

Verdict: If you like facts, you’ll love the Sienna. Edmunds seems to
substitute opinions for facts in this video. Sienna has more style, room,
warranty, and sweats the details. And the SE model is fun to drive, and
looks cool. The Honda is a great van, but is a step behind in most areas.

Noah Zizian says:

Honda sucks it’s ugly, the very back windows don’t even open and no awd!
Toyota wins

David Lawman says:

I am a Odyssey man.

Talal Aziz says:

What about KIA Carnival ! 

Brian Vtec says:

Hahaha nice video lol I knew the Honda was better on every way sorry Toyota
maybe you will win next time 😉 

Chue Hang says:

I prefer the Odyssey if I am looking for a Minivan, although it will be
nice if they offer AWD option for folks who live where there are snows. 

Chi Huynh says:

funny video 

Reddell Honda says:

A great head-to head comparison from Edmunds. (Spoiler Alert: The #Odyssey

Milton Martin Honda says:

A great head-to head comparison from Edmunds. (Spoiler Alert: The #Odyssey

Gtarocks56 says:


sign05 says:

This is contradicting in your 2014 Sienna review you said the Sienna is the
quickest of all mini vans now its dead heat with the Odyssey which is it?
Motor trend clocked the sienna at 7.1 to 60, the Odyssey 7.9 to 60 and the
Dodge 7.6 to 60.

Ivan Vojt says:

The 3rd row access in the Odyssey is a fail.

2012bigPerm says:

Good stuff…

IncognitoGuy says:

Why do minivans have to be so ugly? I mean I love Honda and Toyota but
these two are so ugh

Edwin Colon says:

Funny guy.

Ivan Vojt says:


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